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Have you tried planning a game night with 5 of your friends who love the idea of ​​gaming? If so, you must be wondering what table game options are available to you. Well, you don't have to worry anymore because we are here to help you with 15 of the best board games for 5 players.

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List of great board games for 5 players

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Ammon REX

To play this game, players must not only spend the whereabouts of their finances, but also make fervent offerings to the sun god in order to get the best harvest. Every decision in the game is critical.

  • A strategy game for players who love to outshine each other.
  • Players must improve their standing by investigating natural disasters.
  • Players fight their way through Egypt to harvest crops and build pyramids.
  • The game lasts an hour and is perfect for a family game night.
  • Players are always alert


This game has rules that are easy and simple to learn, but it has a twist. The twist is seen by players looking at the maps available for the game. 7 Wonders is ideal for gamers who love a fast-paced game to keep them busy.

  • A fast-paced game that lasts half an hour.
  • Players work to build cities and design durable buildings.
  • Players must gather resources, build an army, and develop trade routes.
  • Every player is cautious in the way they can develop their city.


In this game, buying power plants is the key to expanding your network and thus winning the game. Each player grants other players access to premium gear that helps them advance in the game. Therefore, each move must be carefully planned.

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  • 90 minutes of gameplay can be perfect for long gaming nights
  • The board is double-sided to keep things interesting.
  • It is a standalone game that does not require additional packages.
  • Players compete against each other for power plants and resources.
  • Durable, custom-designed wooden pieces ensure long play


Players must not only constantly communicate with each other to ensure they have the highest chance of survival, but they must also be fast. If players want to defend their ship from an imminent attack, they must be quick.

  • It is a cooperative game for players who believe in helping each other.
  • By powering the ship and protecting the computer, players can win the battle.
  • Players try to defeat all potential threats.
  • A real-time game that is fast and interesting.
  • It has an intriguing soundtrack that will get players excited.


In this game, players need to try their best to build their personal railway line and also disrupt their rivals. Players can accumulate special points through destination tickets and be one step ahead of all players. This makes the game a competitive game.

  • It has a high replay value and can be played every day.
  • Players have to build their routes and also try to block others.
  • Players compete against each other to collect train cards and build a railway.
  • By connecting popular US cities, the player can claim their own routes


Players can win the game by understanding court politics and fighting for control of the land and being smart and smart. With a combination of markers and cards, this game is not only intriguing but also amazing.

  • The game includes 6 expansions to ensure that the game lasts long.
  • The game has a high replay value.
  • Players can follow simple and direct rules.
  • Players find themselves in a medieval Spanish setting filled with nobles who want to expand their influence.
  • Players must control the maximum area of ​​the board to expand territory and win

railways of the world

This game seems to be on a par with railway construction games, but it is different. This particular board game takes place all over the world and players must strive to create their own empire.

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  • The playing time can last around 2 hours.
  • Contains various maps and game variants.
  • It has a high replay value and can be played many times.
  • There are multiple expansion options to make this a great game.
  • Players must have guts and supplies to complete their routes.
  • The attractive pieces keep the players mesmerized in the game.


Due to the enhanced mission maps in the game, this game allows for fast action and does not let the players get bored. Thanks to army markers and decoy art, it's easy to keep track of who controls the game.

  • The classic war game allows players to conquer different parts of the world.
  • Players can form alliances if they know it will increase their chances of winning.
  • Simple markers make it easy to keep track of the army.
  • The game's fast-paced action is a deal for players who keep waiting their turn.


What sets the game apart from the other board games on the list is not only the beautiful graphics, but also the unique combat mechanism. This prevents arguments during the game and ensures that players will love the quick fights.

  • The game is set in Japan during the Sengoku era and has interesting graphics.
  • Each player plays the role of a feudal lord in command of his armies.
  • Players must fight each other to unite the nation under one rule.
  • The dice tower mechanism decides the outcome of the battle.


Unlike other conquest games, this game has a healthy mix of gods and mythology. Players can improve the chances of building a city by keeping the gods on their side. This allows you to conquer other players in the game.

  • This is a 90 minute game of conquest and development.
  • Players must strive to build ships to improve their city, recruit troops, and protect themselves.
  • Contains gods and mythological creatures.
  • Every player plays hard to get God's blessing for the improvement of the city.
  • It can be played with few players.


Unlike other games where players have to spend their energy fighting each other, this is a fun game that gives players a chance to improve their character. Redesigned monsters, new card abilities, and simple rules make the game a family favorite.

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  • Attractive graphics that appeal to young gamers.
  • Players are robots, monsters, and aliens trying to fight each other.
  • Better rules make it easier to play
  • Contains multiple figures, boards, cards and tokens.
  • Players must know how to spend their turn and win the game.


If you are having a hard time finding games that are not only fun but also easy to learn, stop here. The game has oversized cards that are easy to grab and that is the key to winning the game.

  • Ideal for children from 8 years
  • All players feel involved in the rounds even though the game is an action.
  • Beautiful and attractive graphics will help you improve the game.
  • Players can participate by choosing cards that fit a specific description
  • Players can get points for correct answers.


If you can keep control of Camelot, you're here to win this game. With the kingdom under threat and Excalibur missing, players must work extremely hard to defend the entire kingdom, even when fighting close friends.

  • It is a fun game that requires cooperation between them.
  • The kingdom is not safe and players must rely on cunning, memory and timing.
  • Based on a board game, the card game takes place in Camelot
  • Players must gather their friends to improve their chances of winning.


Although this game seems quite easy because the rules are simple, there are some things that can go wrong in the game. Players must rely on the abilities of the character cards to successfully complete all 12 rounds of the game, trying to conserve workers, money, and points.

  • This is a strategy game in which players act as Chinese rulers.
  • This game has 12 rounds and includes various problems to face.
  • It offers a longer game of up to 100 minutes and is perfect for gamers.
  • Attacks and diseases are problems that players must overcome


Although the store does not exist, this is one of the most favorite holidays. This game is a fast-paced and direct game that will be your number one choice when it comes to gatherings and adult board games. And no, it is not necessary to know a lot about cinema since it is not a requirement.

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  • A fun game that requires players to use their wits.
  • The game induces a lot of fear in the players.
  • A competitive game in which players try to win as quickly as possible.
  • The theme of the game is great.


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