Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (2023)

BoardGameCountry has a mission: to find the best board games for your game night, based on how many players will be playing.

Here you can consult our recommendations for 3 and 4 players.

  • Best Board Games for 4 Players: The 15 Best Board Games for All Difficulties
  • Best 3 Player Board Games: Our 7 Best Advanced Games
  • The Best 3-Player Board Games: Our 7 Best Intermediate Games
  • Best 3 Player Board Games: Our 7 Best Light Games

But there are some dark moments when the number of players is 5. Only 5!!! What are you going to do, split the group into 2 and 3 people? this division will likely last all night and the concept of unity will be lost.

BoardGameCountry never allows such a monstrosity, rest assured, which is why we bring you the TOP 10 BEST 5-PLAYER BOARD GAMES (as usual) broken down by complexity (or duration).


  • The best board games for 5 players: low complexity

    3. Festa do Sushi! (2016)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (1)
    DesignerPhil Walker-Harding
    players2-8 (best 5)
    game time20 minutes

    Evolving from the original Sushi Go!, Sushi go Party! is a card game in which players compete to create the best menu for a sushi restaurant.

    Each round, players choose 1 of the 7 plates (cards) to play in place, pass the other 6 and receive 6, choosing 1 and passing the other 5, until all 7 cards (plates) have been played by everyone.

    Played cards grant victory points in a variety of ways: getting the most of a type of food, completing specific sets, and many other ways.

    GSP! It expands the game by bringing in multiple types of dishes that you can vary from game to game, making it a very different game each time.

    Why we love it:Small, simple, fast, cute and they all play simultaneously!

    2. For Sale (1997)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (2)
    DesignerEsteban Dora
    players3-6 (best 5)
    game time30 minutes
    category/mechanicsBidding, Handling

    Money is the most important thing on the minds of real estate sharks who are gamblers.

    In For Sale, each player starts with $14 (which doubles as victory points), and the money will be used to bid on 30 houses, rated from 1 to 30 (30 being the most luxurious).

    This game takes place in two very different phases:

    (Video) Top 10 Games for 5 Players

    During each round of the first phase, several houses equal to the number of players will be auctioned.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (3)

    Each player will buy a house each round until all properties are in all players' portfolios.

    Then, in phase two, they will have to sell the houses one by one in a closed market, trying to get the most money for each one. A very fast and fun game to play with family and friends.

    Why we love it:The competition is very fierce and it's the easiest game to explain.

    1. Sheriff of Nottingham (2014)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (4)
    DesignersSergio Halaban André Zatz
    players3-6 (best 5)
    game time60 minutes
    category/mechanicsManipulation, bribery, bluff

    This game is unique. just play, trust us.

    Here, players are merchants who bring goods to their market stalls so they can be sold at the end of the game.

    The player with the most money will be the winner, but only 4 types of goods are legal and many other types are not.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (5)

    In each round, one player will be a sheriff with the mission to detect the illegal goods that the other players are trying to smuggle OR negotiate a future bribe or favor for the round in which he will be the sheriff.

    The playtime of the last 3 games is relatively short, so you can expect more players to join or leave… or to keep playing, we guarantee: you'll want to play again!

    Why we love it:Great player interactions and a tasteful "high risk, high reward" feel.

    The best board games for 5 players: intermediate complexity

    3. Descent: Journeys in the Dark (second edition) (2012)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (6)
    DesignersDaniel Clark, Corey Konieczka, Adam Sadler, Kevin Wilson
    players1-5 (best 5)
    game time120 minutes
    category/mechanicsAction points, co-op play, hand management, campaign mode.

    The epitome of "overlord" games (one player against the rest).

    Here, a team of brave heroes must embark on quests and venture into dangerous caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons and cursed forests to fight monsters, gain riches and try to stop the overlord from carrying out his vile plan.

    (Video) Top 10 Games for Six Players

    With some dungeon crawler elements and an evil player throwing away all the dangers he has in stock, fun is guaranteed. And playing the overlord is something everyone should try at least once!

    Why we love it:The "Overlord" mechanic is great on both sides and the game art is simply stunning.

    2. Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game (2008)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (7)
    Designerscorey deve
    players3-6 (best 5)
    game time150 minutes
    category/mechanicsHidden functions, hand management, voting

    Battlestar Galactica is the second - but not the last - Corey Konieczka game on this list.

    And we're pretty sure 5 players is the perfect count.

    Based on the television series, Battlestar Galactica takes players in search of planet Earth after a Cylon attack on human colonies, traveling through the stars in the legendary ship.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (8)

    Each round, some events and dangers will happen that require the crew's attention (in the form of specific cards), BUT maybe a Cylon or two have infiltrated the ranks and tried to sabotage the ship and the missions.

    All this while the Cylon army attacks the starship.

    Why we love it:There's a real sense of purpose and a respectable difficulty level, plus the mid-game "affiliation" change spices up the whole game.

    1. 7 Wonders (2010)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (9)
    Designersantoine bauzá
    players2-7 (best 5)
    game time30 minutes
    category/mechanicsDrafting, manual handling, assembly collection, engine building

    7 Wonders has been an inspiration for board game designers across the world since its release.

    Here, players are tasked with bringing glory to civilization by building one of the classic 7 wonders of mankind.

    It's a draft game where each turn you use the cards to build a resource engine that allows you to progress and eventually build the wonder you're in charge of.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (10)

    But military and civilian buildings are also important because you will continue to fight and trade with neighboring civilizations until the end of the third round.

    (Video) Top 10 Best Board Games of the Century (So Far)

    A great game to progress from simple games to more complex games without overwhelming new players.

    Why we love it:It's a great introduction to resource management and engine building, and the fact that all players play at the same time is a bonus.

    Time passes and you discover that 5 players is the number you have today, no more and no less. So if you're looking for the best complex games to dig deeper with your 4 friends, bring one of the following to the table:

    The best board games for 5 players: advanced complexity

    3. Rising Sun (2018)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (11)
    DesignersEric M Lang
    players3-5 (best 5)
    game time105 minutes
    category/mechanicsCrafting Actions, Area of ​​Influence, Trading, Battle

    A real treat for the eyes and a rewarding challenge for the mind.

    Set in feudal Japan, players embody Daimyos battling Asian demons (Onis) on one side and their opponents on the other.

    This is an area control game where players will forge and break alliances, choose political actions, worship gods, customize their clans, and place their figures in Japan.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (12)

    In the process, Honor is a palpable element in the Rising Sun: having high Honor has several advantages, while having low Honor can ensure the allegiance of the darker aspects of the world.

    It's a re-implementation of Blood Rage, the game we talked about in our“The best board games for 4 players”which fits the 5 player scene.

    Why we love it:The components are beautiful, the lore is rich, and the experiences make you feel complete.

    2. Star Wars: Asalto Imperial (2014)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (13)
    DesignersJustin Kemppainen, Corey Konieczka, Jonathan Ying
    players1-5 (best 5)
    game time90 minutes
    category/mechanicsteam skirmish

    Star Wars fan, raise your hand! Thumbnails and skirmish players raise your hands! People who like good stories, battling puzzles and teaming up with friends to defeat those rebel/imperial scum, raise your hands!

    In Imperial Assault, you control factions recreating great battles in the Star Wars universe, after the destruction of the Death Star in Jarvin 4.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (14)

    It has an effective battle/movement engine and two different game modes.

    (Video) Top 10 "Back From The Dead" Games

    Even if you're not a fan of the franchise, its solid gameplay will convince you to dive in and enjoy it (pun intended).

    1. Electric grid (2004)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (15)
    DesignersFriedemann Friese
    players2-6 (best 5)
    game time120 minutes
    category/mechanicsBidding, market, area control

    Although we put Power Grid on the complex list, the flow of the game is easy to follow after just one round of play.

    Have you experienced the exciting world of “energy companies” competing to supply the largest network of cities in North America or Germany? This is your best chance, if not because Power Grid is an excellent game where you must:

    1. Acquire power plants to generate electricity,
    2. Buy the resources needed to put these plants to work and
    3. Build infrastructure in as many cities as you can and give them valuable energy.
    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (16)

    It features an exciting auction system, a highly competitive marketplace, and an area control mechanic that makes gameplay fluid, claustrophobic, and rewarding.

    The best board games for 5 players: our top pick

    The best of the best, regardless of complexity or scope, is…

    Nemesis (2018)

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (17)
    DesignersAdán Kwapinski
    players1-5 (best 5)
    game time135 minutes
    category/mechanicsCooperative play, campaign, hidden roles, battle.

    This is the game Aliens fans deserve (beyond the great Legendary Encounters) and one of the best board games Kickstarter has ever given us.

    A semi-cooperative game in which players take on the role of a team tasked with repelling advancing xenomorphs and other lurking evils.

    It has several scenarios available, a deck of cards and abilities for each player, and a great sense of danger and adventure.

    Top 10 board games for 5 players for every level of difficulty (18)

    Nemesis is our top pick for 5-player game sessions!

    Have you read our other articles about ranking expansions, teaching winning strategies or compiling different tops? check here

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