The world's first space hotel is about to open, and here's what you need to know about it (2023)

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  • The growing space tourism market

The race to make humans a multiplanetary species has been going on for over a hundred years. With rockets being fired at the moon almost daily, humans have made further strides in this quest to occupy places beyond Earth. With a space hotel now preparing to open in space, the world is arguably one step closer to making humans a multiplanetary species. Without further ado, here's what you need to know about this hotel that is literally out of this world.


The growing space tourism market

Although it is not yet known if there will ever be a space hotel (or at least in the foreseeable future), the era of space tourism has already dawned. This article has been updated with confirmation that Origin Blue and Virgin Galactic are now offering tourist space flights, with SpaceX not far behind. With or without a space hotel, people can now travel space.

About the world's first space hotel

  • Name:The Traveler's Station
  • Location:Space
  • Proposed opening date:2027


Space tourism is far from simply launching rockets into orbit.. Now people who wish can book a night in a hotel in space and spend the night looking at the Milky Way and wondering if they are dreaming. Imagine you are standing at the window of a room and you can see the stars and the giant planet of humans. It's a dream come true.

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this space hotelis the brainchild of Orbital Assembly Corporation, a leading space company dedicated to making space accessible to more people. The construction of this hotel is scheduled to start in 2026, while the hotel is expected to be ready for commercial bookings in 2027. Estimates assume the construction value of this hotel to be in the tens of billions.

Voyager Station is unique in many ways. This hotel not only claims to be the first hotel in space, but also features unique architecture. The architecture of the hotel is said to be characterized by a colossal round building with a length of 200 meters. The circular frame is designed to mimic artificial gravity on Mars.

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Amenities and accommodation

The Voyager Station is equipped with everything needed to make guests feel as comfortable as possible in a hotel. Since the hotel has amenities like a restaurant, gym, bar, entertainment center and relaxation spots, this hotel is basically a resort. Hotels often offer dishes that are well-known in the area, and guests dine at Voyager StationSpace foods, which are simply foods made to be eaten in space. This is because not all food in space is good to eat due to the lack of gravity, changes in taste and smell, and other factors. However, over time, the hotel will improve its menu to accommodate most of the food offered in hotels around the world.

When it comes to accommodations, Voyager Station offers more space than many hotels in the world. According to the plans, the space hotel will offer accommodation for up to 280 guests and 112 crew members.

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The company also aims to entertain guests, particularly by inviting top artists from around the world to perform daily at the space hotel. With that in mind, one may have to wait for the first singer to do so.Company executives mentioned Beyoncé when discussing the entertainment plan, and maybe she could be the first to be there. Regardless of which entertainer goes there first, the idea is that visitors expect some form of quality entertainment every time they are at the hotel.

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transportation and accessibility

While building a space hotel is one thing, access is another, and this is also an important thing the company has taken into account.The transport to the space hotel is to be carried out by another company.. The SpaceX spacecraft is in the spotlight as the company has suggested it will be in charge of handling this transport, although it is not yet complete. While this is ongoing, there is a lot of help SpaceX Starships can offer to make this space tourism a reality. Although the SpaceX boss has other space missions, Orbital Assembly Corporation has revealed intentions to work with them in the future and one can only hope that the proposal will be successful.

Reservations and Costs

Voyager Station may not be open yet, but there is already a lot of information about the space hotel, including the cost of your reservation. While the organization is yet to release an official price for the reserve, multiple sources have put the reserve's price tag at $5 million. This price is intended to cover a hotel stay of approximately three days. Although this price is not official, there is no doubt that booking such a hotel will be extremely expensive.

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The era of space tourism flights has finally arrived

Only time will tell if there will ever be a space hotel. Who knows if it will ever work and launch, maybe the concept is out of this world! But what is out of this world is space travel.Virgin Galactic and Origin Blue tourist flights have already taken place- Its owners Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos were among the first tourists in space. SpaceX's deepest space flights remain a work in progress.

One of the most notable tourists to have finally been in space is famed actor William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk from the Star Trek Original). At around 90 years old, it never seems too late to conquer the last frontier, as he called it.

Potential space tourists can also request information about a space flightgalactic maidenjblue origin. Of course, these are a little pricey — expect upwards of $450,000 per person, with a $150,000 deposit required. So trade your house for a space flight (or not).

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final thoughts

Orbital Assembly Corporation may be the first company to enable space tourism, although the idea of ​​a space hotel is still an idea to be worked on. WithThe company has some experienced space experts and reasonable work in progress, the space hotel could soon become a reality, although the idea has yet to form with many people thinking the time is short.


What is the world's first ever space hotel? ›

Voyager Station: World's first space hotel to be fully functional in just three years. US-based company Orbital Assembly Corporation is going to open a fully functional space hotel in just three years that will provide out-of-the-world luxury to its customers.

Will the first space hotel in Earth's orbit be opened in 2027? ›

Near future: Orbital Assembly says that Voyager Station could accommodate 400 people and open in 2027, while Pioneer Station, housing 28 people, could be operational by 2025. Earth meets space: Orbital Assembly's interiors envisage hotel rooms not unlike what you might see on Earth, but with incredible space views.

What are the important points about space hotel? ›

The space hotel is a large space structure that is 240 meters long. It consists of four sections: the energy supply, a guest room module, a public area, and a platform. The space hotel would float in a low earth orbit and would allow people who have not received any training to enjoy space travel.

Is first hotel in Mars built by Elon Musk is about to open soon costing $5 million per night? ›

Having searched through the available evidence, Daily Trust can confirm that the posts and reports claiming that Elon Musk will soon open a hotel in Mars for 5 million dollars per night is false and misleading.

How much will it cost to stay in the space hotel? ›

Voyager Station is scheduled to be operational by 2027 and will offer $5 million luxury suites, fine dining, and live shows to space tourists.

How will the space hotel work? ›

Taking cues from science fiction films like "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Interstellar," Voyager Station and Pioneer Station will each create their own artificial gravity by using centrifugal force. The new space stations will take on the shape of a Ferris wheel, spinning to simulate gravity in their pods.

Is Elon Musk building a hotel in space? ›

However, these are ongoing rumors, and as of today, according to CDD, this announcement of Musk opening a space hotel in Mars is false. Nevertheless, Mars isn't wholly human-friendly.

What happened space 2022? ›

The year in space: Why 2022 was a pivotal year for exploration and discovery. This year brought space fans images from the world's most powerful space telescope, the debut launch of NASA's moon rocket and a test to redirect an asteroid.

Will tourists ever go to space? ›

On April 8, 2022, SpaceX launched Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1) for Axiom Space, sending three space tourists and retired NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría to the International Space Station on a Crew Dragon spacecraft. Ax-1 was the first mission to send multiple space tourists to the ISS.

What are 3 benefits of space travel? ›

The direct benefits of exploration include the generation of scientific knowledge, the diffusion of innovation and creation of markets, the inspiration of people around the world, and agreements forged between the countries engaged in exploration.

What are 5 things you need in space? ›

Astronauts must have oxygen, food, water, and rest. These needs are usually simple to meet on Earth; to meet these needs in space is very complicated. The gases in space cannot support human life. In fact, most of space contains no gases at all—it is what scientists call a vacuum.

What does Elon Musk want to build on Mars? ›

Elon Musk said in an interview that living on Mars will be dangerous, especially at first. Insider previously reported that a human without special equipment would die within minutes on Mars. The billionaire wants to build a self-sustaining city on the planet in the coming decades.

Where did Elon Musk get his startup money? ›

1995: Elon co-founds Zip2 with $28,000 loan from his father. 1999: Elon earns $22 million from Zip2 sale to Compaq. 1999: Elon founds PayPal with $11 million. 2002: Elon earns $180 million from PayPal sale to eBay.

How much did NASA give Elon Musk? ›

NASA on Wednesday announced it has awarded five more astronaut missions to Elon Musk's SpaceX, with a contract worth an additional $1.4 billion to the company.

How much does it cost for 1 person to go to space? ›

Space Tourism

For a suborbital trip on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo and Blue Origin's New Shepard, seats typically cost $250,000 to $500,000. Flights beyond that to actual orbit—a much higher altitude—are far more expensive, fetching more than $50 million per seat.

How much is the cheapest ticket to space? ›

The space tourism tickets will cost a total of $450,000 for the 90-minute flight, including an initial $150,000 deposit, and will be available for purchase on Virgin Galactic's website.

Are there laws in outer space? ›

Space is governed by five key international treaties, known informally as the Outer Space Treaty, the Rescue Agreement, the Liability Convention, the Registration Convention, and the Moon Agreement (their formal names are much, much longer).

How much do astronauts get paid to stay in space? ›

According to a report from The Washington Post, the answer to “how much do astronauts get paid” is $104,898 to $161,141 per year.

Can you sleep in space? ›

Space has no "up" or "down," but it does have microgravity. As a result, astronauts are weightless and can sleep in any orientation. However, they have to attach themselves so they don't float around and bump into something. Space station crews usually sleep in sleeping bags located in small crew cabins.

Do you need to sleep in space? ›

Some astronauts snore in space, as well. Crews on the ISS average around six hours of sleep per day. NASA schedules their astronauts with eight to 8.5 hours of sleep. Astronauts frequently suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm disruption.

Can humans survive Mars? ›

But on Mars, carbon dioxide is 96% of the air! Meanwhile, Mars has almost no oxygen; it's only one-tenth of one percent of the air, not nearly enough for humans to survive. If you tried to breathe on the surface of Mars without a spacesuit supplying your oxygen – bad idea – you would die in an instant.

What hotel is underwater? ›


Conrad Maldives Rangali welcomes guests to dive into in an extraordinary experience both above and below the surface of the Indian Ocean in the world's first underwater hotel villa, called the 'Muraka'.

What does Elon Musk own in space? ›

Headquarters in December 2017; plumes from a flight of a Falcon 9 rocket are visible overhead
Key peopleElon Musk (CEO, Chairman and CTO, 2002–present) Gwynne Shotwell (president and COO)
ProductsSeveral launch vehicles Several rocket engines Dragon capsules Starship (in development) Starlink SpaceBEE
13 more rows

What will happen in space in 2023? ›

The moon, private space travel, and the wider solar system will all have major missions over the next 12 months. We're going back to the moon—again—in 2023. Multiple uncrewed landings are planned for the next 12 months, spurred on by a renewed effort in the US to return humans to the lunar surface later this decade.

What was found in space recently? ›

A New Ring System Discovered in Our Solar System

Feb. 8, 2023 — Scientists have discovered a new ring system around a dwarf planet on the edge of the Solar System. The ring system orbits much further out than is typical for other ring systems, calling into ...

Why did NASA stop space? ›

While reentering Earth's atmosphere, Columbia broke apart, killing the entire crew. All of these factors — high costs, slow turnaround, few customers, and a vehicle (and agency) that had major safety problems — combined to make the Bush administration realize it was time for the Space Shuttle Program to retire.

Will space travel ever be cheap? ›

Remarkable engineering progress has made space tourism a practical pastime for billionaires. But it's too early to say whether it will ever become a financially feasible endeavor for mere millionaires—much less anybody with a net worth below seven figures.

How much does space flight cost? ›

The total ticket price is $450,000 with an initial deposit of $150,000, largely refundable, except for a $25,000 Future Astronaut Community Access fee. The company's first Virgin Galactic space flights are planned for the fourth quarter of 2022 with over 700 Future Astronauts awaiting space flights.

Who paid to go to space? ›

The three paying customers are: Larry Connor of Dayton, Ohio, who runs the Connor Group; Mark Pathy, founder and chief executive of Montreal's Mavrik Corp; and Israel's Eytan Stibbe, a former fighter pilot and founding partner of Vital Capital.

How does space travel affect humans? ›

Astronauts receive 10x the amount of radiation exposure as we do on Earth. Such high exposure can damage the immune system, causing astronauts to be susceptible to infection while in space. Long-term exposure can damage cells and DNA, leading to cataracts and cancers.

Do phones work in space? ›

It has no phone number in the traditional sense, and astronauts have to leave their smartphones at home. For private calls, the space station has an internet-connected phone system that works through a computer, which astronauts can use to call any number on Earth. Phones on the ground cannot call them back, however.

What food is used in space? ›

An astronaut can choose from many types of foods such as fruits, nuts, peanut butter, chicken, beef, seafood, candy, brownies, etc. Available drinks include coffee, tea, orange juice, fruit punches and lemonade. As on Earth, space food comes in disposable packages.

How do you sleep in space? ›

Sleeping in space requires that astronauts sleep in a crew cabin, a small room about the size of a shower stall. They lie in a sleeping bag which is strapped to the wall. Astronauts have reported having nightmares and dreams, and snoring while sleeping in space.

How will space exploration benefits our world? ›

Direct and indirect benefits of space exploration

New technologies that can be utilized in other industries and society (such as the development of communications satellites) Improved knowledge of space and the origin of the universe. Cultural benefits.

What are the benefits of space exploration on knowledge? ›

Space exploration allows us to prove or disprove scientific theories developed on Earth. Studying the solar system, for example, has brought us insights into such phenomena as gravity, the magnetosphere, the atmosphere, fluid dynamics and the geological evolution of other planets.

What are 5 facts about space exploration? ›

Top 10 Facts About Space!
  • The first person on the moon was Neil Armstrong. ...
  • The first person in space was Yuri Gagarin. ...
  • For a rocket to get into orbit around Earth, it needs to travel 17,600 miles per hour! ...
  • You could fit 1.3 million Earths into the Sun! ...
  • Space is a very cold place at –270.45 Celsius!

Which planet can humans live on? ›

Among the stunning variety of worlds in our solar system, only Earth is known to host life.

Who owns Mars planet? ›

Mars belongs to everybody, according to the Outer Space Treaty, which the US signed back in 1967. The treaty says nobody can own a celestial body.

What planet is Elon Musk trying to explore? ›

Elon Musk predicts a crewed mission to Mars in 2029 In 2016, Musk said that a "meaningful number of people" could reach the red planet in 10 years.

Does Elon Musk own PayPal? ›

Elon Musk cofounded the electronic payment firm PayPal, and in 2002 he founded SpaceX, a company that makes rockets and spacecraft. He was a major early funder of Tesla, which makes electric cars and batteries, and became its chief executive officer in 2008. He purchased the social media service Twitter in 2022.

Where does Elon Musk keeps his money? ›

Excession operates as a single-family office (SFO). Therefore, it can be inferred that Excession likely has a dedicated team of financial analysts that directly manage Musk's private equity and legal affairs under the management of Birchall with assets under management points in the order of 80-100.

How much will SpaceX moon trip cost? ›

Tito won't say how much he's paying for his spin around the Moon; his ISS trip cost $20 million (€20.5 million).

How much money has Elon Musk taken from the US government? ›

Tesla and SpaceX have received more than $7 billion in government contracts alone and billions more in tax breaks, loans and other subsidies, an analysis by Grid found. In recent years, Tesla has sold at least $6 billion worth of government-backed electric vehicle credits, Grid found.

What did Elon Musk donate 5.7 billion dollars to? ›

The charity that received a gift of Tesla shares valued at $5.7 billion from Elon Musk at the end of 2021 was his own foundation, Bloomberg News reports.

Did Elon Musk build hotel in space? ›

However, these are ongoing rumors, and as of today, according to CDD, this announcement of Musk opening a space hotel in Mars is false. Nevertheless, Mars isn't wholly human-friendly.

Where is the world's first 7 star hotel? ›

The only 7 star hotel in the world - Review of Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Tripadvisor.

Did Bezos and Branson get to space first? ›

Branson will fly earlier than Bezos, but won't soar as high

Jeff Bezos announced last month that he would go to space on July 20, along with his brother and two other people, on his company's New Shepard. One of those passengers will be Wally Funk.

Did astronauts stay at Starlite Motel? ›

The Starlite Motel was frequently used by the Mercury 7 astronauts in the 1960s.

What does 7 stars mean in hotel? ›

What is the meaning / definition of 7 Star Hotel in the hospitality industry? 7-Star Hotels are hotels with the highest level of luxury available in the world.

Does 7 star hotel exist? ›

Officially, there is no such thing as a 7-star rating. The term 7-star was created by a journalist who attended the opening of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and felt the standard five stars didn't do its decadence justice. Even a 5-star rating can vary country to country as there is no global standard for star ratings.

What are the requirements for 7 star hotel? ›

One of the main rules for a seven-star hotel is that it must be located inside an iconic structure of the city. Without this, no hotel can be a seven-star. Also, a seven-star hotel should have more suites than rooms.


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