The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (2023)

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (1)

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If you are out to run some errands,strollingon a cold day, or preparing for your nexttraining session, you need a pair of shoes that fit well, are comfortable andgive support. Of course, we want them to look good too, but the wrong pair of shoes can lead to lower extremity issues, not to mention how frustrating it can be to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes that don't fit right. But find onegood hiking shoeit can be scary.

Have you ever walked into a store, eager to buy your next pair of sneakers, only to find yourself overwhelmed with aisles and aisles of options? how to know which are the besthiking shoesfor you and what are forrunor other activities liketennis?

It's nothing to worry about! In this roundup of the best walking shoes of 2023, the ACTIVE review team will share everything you need to know.

Best hiking shoes: Our top picks

Why trust us?

The editorial team draws on the knowledge and experience of fitness and wellness experts, including competitive athletes, trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists and certified trainers. This helps us to ensure that the products we feature are of the highest standard. Collectively, the team has spent countless hours researching recovery gear, gear, and tools to create the most accurate and authentic content for our readers. Customer satisfaction is also a key part of our review process, which is why we only feature highly rated products. More importantly, every member of our team is a fitness enthusiast. Fitness may be our job, but it's also our passion. Therefore, we strive to provide you with products that we trust and would personally use.

Best Overall Walking Shoes – Nike Pegasus 39

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (2)


  • Material:mesh, foam
  • Weight:N / D
  • clasp type:cords
  • damping:Foam
  • Fall from heel to toe:N / D
  • Width available:regular and extra long


The Nike Pegasus 39 Running Shoe is a masterpiece of performance and comfort, offering support and support for your feet no matter how many miles you cover. Start with the extra padding, especially around the tongue and collar, to keep your feet secure. Also consider engineered mesh, which is made to be lightweight, breathable, and more flexible than other mesh materials.

We also love the inclusion of flywire technology, a midfoot strap that creates added stability. Meanwhile, durable foam soles provide propulsion with every step. When you add Nike's iconic style into the mix, you have a truly amazing walking shoe that's also a great option for use in the gym.

what we like

  • light and breathable
  • Flexible mesh upper
  • extra padding
  • stable and safe
  • Reasonable price

what we don't like

  • Women's sizing options are a little more limited.
  • The laces will show wear after a while.

STORE: Nike Pegasus 39

Best women's walking shoes - adidas Women's Supernova+

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (3)

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  • Material:Rubber outsole, technical mesh upper with reflective heel patch
  • Weight:9.8 ounces (size 7.5)
  • clasp type:Cord
  • damping:rebound damping
  • Fall from heel to toe:10 mm
  • Width available:Regular


Finding a hiking shoe that fits you well and is as stylish as it is functional can be a challenge. Until I found the adidas Women's Supernova+! Once again, adidas has produced an eye-catching pair of shoes that are also comfortable, durable and made from recycled materials.

These shoes have a mono mesh upper with seamless zones that provide support while staying flexible. Some reviewers found that the no-sew tongue design made the shoe prone to chafing, but most find the fit comfortable (in a good way). Impressive heel support and added forefoot reinforcement also add to the Supernova+'s comfort, as well as keeping the heel-to-toe drop number in a good walking range.

what we like

  • Made with recycled materials (upper yarn contains at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled polyester)
  • Heel and forefoot BOOST
  • breathable and comfortable
  • Can accommodate a wider foot

what we don't like

  • Tongue may move during use and cause friction

SHOP: Adidas Supernova+ for women

Best men's hiking shoes - adidas Men's Supernova+

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (4)


  • Material:Primegreen textile upper
  • Weight:11 ounces (size 9)
  • clasp type:Cord
  • damping:Boost and rebound cushioning
  • Fall from heel to toe:10 mm
  • Width available:Regular


Combining performance, comfort and style, the adidas Men's Supernova+ is our top pick for the best men's walking shoes. Available in a variety of colors, the Supernova+ is comfortable and functional and designed to support you mile after mile.

This shoe features adidas' patented Primegreen materials, meaning it's made from recycled polyester and is lightweight and breathable. Patented Boost cushioning makes the shoe flexible and responsive while still providing support. Moderate 10mm heel-to-toe drop encourages good walking mechanics. Some users found the Ultraboost DNA 5.0 narrow, which is something to consider if you have wide feet.

what we like

  • responsive cushioning
  • 8 colors to choose from
  • Made with recycled material.
  • breathable
  • Ideal for beginners transitioning from walking to running.

what we don't like

  • run narrow
  • Fabric can wear out after heavy use.

SHOP: adidas Men's Supernova+

Best Brooks Hiking Shoes – Brooks Ghost 14

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (5)


  • Material:3D-printed mesh upper, rubber outsole
  • Weight:9.9 ounces
  • clasp type:Cord
  • damping:Loft damping DNA
  • Fall from heel to toe:11,5 mm
  • Width available:Regular


(Video) BEST HIKING SHOES: 7 Hiking Shoes (2023 Buying Guide)

Brooks is a tried and true shoe company loved by runners and hikers for their high quality kicks. The Brooks Ghost 14 is one of the most popular hiking options among Brooks lovers and our top pick for the best overall hiking shoe. It's a comfortable, reliable, well-cushioned shoe at a reasonable price. It's responsive with generous cushioning and a segmented impact cushion midsole helps prevent any jarring impacts.

A breathable 3D mesh upper hugs the foot without being overly restrictive, and users appreciate the midfoot flexibility that supports a smooth heel-to-toe transition. However, the heel-to-toe drop of 11.5 millimeters might seem a little too high for some wearers.

what we like

  • Flexible
  • Ample cushioning
  • Stretchy but secure upper
  • Durable

what we don't like

  • will have to be broken
  • Not available in large sizes
  • Relatively high drop from heel to toe

LOJA: Brooks Ghost 14

Best HOKA walking shoes - HOKA Bondi 7

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (6)


  • Material:Rubber sole, open mesh upper
  • Weight:8.9 ounces
  • clasp type:Cord
  • damping:EVA cushioning
  • Fall from heel to toe:4mm
  • Widths available:regular and long


HOKA has gained a lot of traction in the tennis world as a brand known for comfort, cushioning and stability. Of their large lineup of shoes, we found the HOKA Bondi 7 to be the best for walking. This shoe features Meta-Rocker technology that combines a low heel-to-toe drop with a rounded sole to promote a natural gait when walking. This design encourages a smooth transitional swing between heel and toe. Ample cushioning limits shock to help keep joints healthy.

The Bondi 7 is equipped with an open mesh upper for breathability and a TPU overlay for added stability. This shoe has a memory foam collar around the ankle designed to fit a variety of ankle sizes. However, not all users like this feature as they find it restrictive. It's important to note that the Bondi 7 doesn't have a lot of arch support, so it might not be the best shoe for people withflat cake.

what we like

  • Luz
  • Memory foam ankle collar.
  • EVA cushioning
  • breathable
  • Low drop from heel to toe
  • Durable

what we don't like

  • Not much arch support
  • run narrow
  • looks bulky

LOJA: Hoka Bondi 7

Best Budget Hiking Shoes: Nike Flex Experience Run 11 Next Nature

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (7)


  • Material: mesh mesh
  • Weight: N/A
  • Closure Type: Laces
  • damping: minimal
  • Heel-to-toe drop: N/A
  • Available width: regular and extra wide available


There's a lot to love about the Nike Flex Experience Run 11 Next Nature, starting with the price. If you're looking for a performance athletic shoe for under $100, this might be the one for you.

(Video) TOP 5 Best Hiking Boots in 2023

Additionally, we value the focus on sustainable and natural materials; This is a great hiking shoe for anyone who cares about being eco-friendly and reducing waste. As for the construction of the shoe itself, the mesh is lightweight and breathable, while relatively minimal padding in the sole keeps the shoe flexible and responsive. The clean, uncluttered design is instantly iconic.

what we like

  • modest price
  • Made with sustainable materials.
  • Clean, iconic aesthetic
  • breathable

what we don't like

  • Not as durable as other Nikes.
  • Colors are a little more muted than other Nikes.
  • Not recommended if you prefer extra cushioning

COMPRAR: Nike Flex Experience Run 11 Next Nature

Best arch support hiking shoes - Salomon PREDICT SOC 2

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (8)


  • Material:MCL textile/synthetic upper
  • Weight:8.32 ounces
  • clasp type:Cord
  • damping:maximum damping
  • Fall from heel to toe:8 mm
  • Width available:Standard


Finding a comfortable, stable shoe that provides effective support for people with high or low arches can be challenging. But with the Salomon PREDICT SOC 2, you can find all the cushioning, arch support, heel cushioning and comfort you need in a solid hiking shoe. This ergonomically designed shoe has independent support platforms in the sole that move and adapt to support your unique stride. Plus, a molded sock liner conforms to the shape of your foot and provides even more arch support.

With extra cushioning in the heel, a flexible upper and maximum cushioning that guides the foot forward, the shoe offers a smooth, stable walking experience. Solomon's proprietary EnergyCell technology provides a highly responsive rebound in the midsole for added comfort and stability.

what we like

  • Flexible
  • maximum damping
  • good arch support
  • ergonomic design
  • good stability

what we don't like

  • Some users report a lack of durability.
  • Not as many color options as others on this list

LOJA: Salomon Predict Soc 2

Melhor New Balance - New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

The Best Hiking Shoes of 2023: These shoes were made for walking (9)


  • Material:mesh, foam, rubber
  • Weight:1 pound, 1.4 ounces
  • clasp type:cords
  • damping:Moderate
  • Fall from heel to toe:10 mm
  • Width available:Regular and extra wide available


New Balance is famous for making comfortable walking shoes, and the New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 Road Running Shoes are no exception. Constructed with generous amounts of foam for a durable rubber sole, these shoes have a soft, stable fit for long days on your feet.

We especially love the foam midsoles, which offer a soft, natural ride. A responsive toe cap adds comfort, while rubber outsoles provide some traction and durability. At just over a pound, these are a great weight for hikers of all experience levels and come with the standard low-profile New Balance aesthetic.

(Video) Best Hiking Boots 2023 [These Picks Are Insane]

what we like

  • Luz
  • cushioning all over
  • Smooth and natural step

what we don't like

  • Slightly higher price point
  • Limited color/style combination options

COMPRAR: New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

What should you look for in a high-quality hiking shoe?

Many people mistakenly assume that the bestrunning shoesIt will also make a great pair of walking shoes. The truth is, some running shoes can be good for walking, but there are specific qualities of walking shoes that make them a superior choice.


A well-fitting pair of hiking shoes can prevent lingering problems like sore feet, bruised toenails, and blisters. A good fit is comfortable enough to feel secure and keep your foot from moving, but not too tight. Specifically, a shoe must hug the heel and midfoot, but be able to move the toes. Ideally, there should be a finger-width space between the top toe and the toe of the shoe. The socks you plan to wear will affect the fit. For example,hiking socksthey tend to be thicker, so consider how you plan to wear the shoe.


Hiking shoes need a lot of cushioning. Cushioning serves two purposes: it's what makes the shoe feel good, and it's what absorbs the impact of every step. While walking isn't quite as shocking as running, there's still a good amount of impact with each step. As such, a generous amount of dampening is required.


The mechanics of walking differ from running in the way your feet hit the ground. People often land on their heels and roll their feet forward as they walk. Because of this rocking motion, hiking shoes must have flexible soles. To test flexibility, hold the shoe in your hand and bend the heel towards the toe. The shoe should bend where the toe will be.

Fall from heel to toe

Heel-to-toe drop measures the difference in cushioning under the heel of the foot and at the forefoot. Measured in millimeters, hiking shoes should have a lower drop number. While this spec is more of a concern for runners, it's important for walking as you want to avoid big falls that will throw off your walking mechanics.

Frequently asked questions about hiking shoes

What walking shoes do podiatrists recommend?

Every podiatrist has their best picks for shoe recommendations, but all agree that the qualities you need most in a good walking shoe are flexibility, moderate cushioning, and a lower heel-to-toe drop to promote smooth transitions that match your gait. Natural. .

Is it good to wear sports shoes for walking?

The answer here is yes and no. It's fine to wear running shoes for short periods, but walking has inherently different mechanics that make certain shoes better suited for walking. While walking has less impact than running, your foot stays on the ground longer, so you need a good amount of underfoot cushioning. What differs the most between walking and running is that when walking, your weight is usually shifted from your heel as you roll towards your toe. That means you want flexibility in a walking shoe, a quality you don't often see in running shoes.

How many kilometers should a hiking shoe last?

The general rule of thumb is that a good hiking shoe should last between 300 and 500 miles of use. However, this can vary from person to person. If you have a heavier gait or overpronation/pronation, a walking shoe may not last as long.

Should hiking shoes be rigid or flexible?

Hiking shoes must be flexible. Flexibility allows the shoe to support the natural mechanics of walking, promoting a smooth heel-to-toe transition.


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