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प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (1)


Love Quotes in Marathi : Love Quotes in Marathi

What is this life in whichAmorNO.
what is love without memories
What are these memories without you?
And what are you that I'm not in.

Moments guarded with tenderness,
This is my hope to live
Every saved memory
She is special to me.

Marathi love status for girlfriend

lifelong fan,
MeinSombrayou are
always in my eyes
You're a dream
With folded hands required of God
you ask for it

I remember the times I spent with you
They take me back to the old days
I didn't know when the days in your company would end
I just wish you were with me

you are simple but
you are really mine

pressure vamatri,
If done from the heart
without him you
It can't even take a minute.

let's go for a while
If IChocolatebut without you
Don't share with anyone
The heart is a distant thing...

in a human
SometimesAmorjust to do
There's attraction, though
roughly the same person
To be drawn to death forever
This is true love.

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (2)

To live or die would be difficult
Laugh so hard it's hard to cry
It's easy to love someone
But love must be sustained or it will be hard to break.

To live or die would be difficult
Laugh so hard it's hard to cry
It's easy to love someone
But love must be sustained or it will be hard to break.

Those who lay down their lives for you will know you very well,
But a life person like me
Nobody will make it.

It was, is and always will be. There is love, no lesson plan that ends after learning.

My love for you if
I did not know it
But I kept waiting
His stride never changed.

I want that
she wants me

Marathi love status for wife

The days are waiting for you
But my wait is not over yet.

Whether love or friendship
If done from the heart
without him you
It can't even take a minute.

let me have a moment in the storm of memories
One in this bouquetFlorbe mine
If you remember us
My name be among you.

Am I yours or not?
"I don't know that."
"You" "Only" and "Only"
Remember that you are "mine".

love means
understanding means feeling
It's a joke,
It's a game to put it on
If you believe,
when breath is taken
When created there is a world
lived is life.

Amo Shayari Marathi

I remember the times I spent with you
They take me back to the old days
I didn't know when the days in your company would end
I just wish you were with me

I've never known anything so passionate
I've never been this angry, I don't know.
I really can't remember the first time I liked you
But now I really don't live without remembering.

Marathi love status is also called marathi love shayari touching love quotes in marathi, marathi sms love.

don't listen to meRosaflowers from
I want to tell you something
I can't do this even for a moment..
So now decided
you want to make a woman

Marathi love status for boyfriend

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (3)

I can fight the world, but
Not with your husband.
I don't want to 'win' with my husband,
So "live".

want to be quiet
sitting next to you
I think you should know everything.
I just laughed

Today your eyes want to cry
I want to bask in your memory
you love me so much
That's what you want to see for the rest of your life.

What was unknown until yesterday is now his command with every heartbeat.

someone fights for you
It's not good to wait and see.
Also for those who are waitingConnectionNO,
Every moment is definitely worth it.

Love Marathi Shayari

I love you very much
But I couldn't tell you...
even if you are alone
Couldn't ask for love

Marathi love status for husband

I didn't know when I was so in love.
I've never been this angry, I don't know.
I really can't remember the first time I liked you
But now I really don't live without remembering.

are real people
Not loving the most beautiful girl in the world
So these people
They love a girl who makes their life beautiful.

I am always with you,
sometimes you are your shadow
will never be your smile
And sometimes become your breath.

Love Marathi Shayari

i want your smile
i want you to cry
Even when you're not there
I want to be yours.

Sometimes when I see you I feel like I want to see you all the time.

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You have to be able to laugh with someone, as well as laugh.
They must be able to wipe the water out of each other's eyes.
There is no shame in love
We should only be able to live in each other's hearts.

Forget who forgets you
Don't look at her, it will make you cry.
But don't walk away from her
Who will make you cry.

Marathi Love Status : Marathi Love Status

instead of making you laugh
I like to make you cry..
In a hug and telling you
It's another joy!

If you wait I'll become a memory
I'll become a song on your lips
If you remember your heart
I'll put a sweet smile on your face.

She asked: What am I to you? I walked up to her, hugged her and told her everything.

yours is yours
I will be all your life...
you promise to come back
I will stand and wait for the birth.

When you love deeply, you know what love is.
You love everyone but
Whoever you do, make it to the end,
Because love is precious.

Some people say love is not real, the answer to all these questions is you.

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (4)

Loving someone is crazy
Having someone to love you is a gift
And the one we love
It also means loving usdetermination.

With the prince of dreams
will you replace me
And in this crazy life
You will incarnate like a dreamer!

It's sweet memories
There are tender feelings
Where there are tender feelings there is unbreakable love,
And where there is unfailing love
There you are of course.

As the scent of flowers and sunlight comes, Your name comes from my every breath.

The person we believe in
She never appreciates her feelings
And what we don't want
She is the one who gives us life.

Love Quotes in Marathi for Husband

Lifetime support or not,
That decision is yours.
But will support you to the death,
This word is mine.

Love is a word that
What a boy understands but a girl doesn't understand
And when a girl understands, a boy doesn't understand
And if both understand, the world will not understand.

What was unknown until yesterday is now his command with every heartbeat.

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (5)

I don't have that much talent.
I'll make a home in someone's mind
But it will also be impossible to forget
I will leave with so many unforgettable memories.

A name carved in the sand
It will be gone in a moment.
The name engraved in the heart
It will not go to death.

make a lover
Who do you like
Otherwise, for your taste,
We spend our lives in vain.

Marathi love quotes for boyfriend

I want to see what love is like
I want to love you again
Everyone lives breathing
But I want to live in your every breath.

Relationships are like pearls, even if a pearl falls you have to reach down and pick it up.

In love there should be communication, not arguments.
It has to be affection, not anger.
Life must not be given, life must be planted.
What shouldn't be for you
There you should be me

Life must be short
but was born
You should receive love.

different and beautiful
you are sure
but even more beautiful
I want you to be in my life.

I don't know about love but you are the first girl in my life that I understood and supported my life.

Take care,
because i have
like you
There is no one else

A dream house adorned with you,
i will never break
whether you come or not
I won't stop waiting for you.

It was, is and always will be. There is love, no lesson plan that ends after learning.

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (6)

To make the difficult easy
do what is easy
je beautiful make what is easy and
Love deeply what is beautiful.

Marathi love quotes for girlfriend

walk the path of life
I wake up or I die
until the end of life
i will only love you

It's not very difficult to understand someone.
love without understanding
It's very easy to like someone.
But it's really hard to be loved by someone

People say love only happens once, but I've been with the same person many times.

If you love someone,
And for that person to meet you,
Ask God for that person every day
But she doesn't know you
So understand that someone else
love you more
And ask God every day.

surrenders to you, enjoys you,
constantly sees himself in you
That loving look of yours
looking at me makes me appear
And falls in love with you all over again.

life is only once
No offense intended
you like someone else
He wants to be loved.

Live this life of dreams every day, the life that in reality should be lived with you.

what is life without you
Also the living dreams
I can not see
breathless moments
i can live
But none without you
I can't live in the moment

Marathi love status for whatsapp

love is never bad
But people call him names
And the people who keep the names
Someday unconsciously falling in love.

"You" is the "smile" on my face when I see everyone in the house is suspicious of me.

waiting for someone for life
means love,
The joy of making someone happy
means love,
A heart that cries for someone
means love,
And die without anyone
It means love.

I got used to loving you
Can't escape...
I've finally decided to forget you
But it's not enough to live on you.

We will meet in books like words,
May we meet in flowers like perfumes,
if you remember me
tearsLet's meet each other in the eyes.

Love SMS Marathi : Marathi loves Shayari SMS

fall in love
But don't let love fool you
think and love
But don't think with love
break your heart and your love
But don't break your heart by loving.

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Marathi love status for boyfriend

Love isn't finding someone to live with, love is finding someone you can't live without.

This is how love should be
not just words
So visible.
This is how love should be
Not just in the shade
sun support.
This is how love should be
not only in luck
So supportive even in sadness.

If I did, she should too
Not so..
Because love is a feeling
No transaction.

Anything new is cool, but your old memories are always good.

The anger on your face
cute like you
Hence my mind
You have a tendency
The reason for your stupidity
I am angry..
So I also live in Abolah
I have to stay like this.

how beautiful these girls are
although beautiful
don't show attitude

when you get angry
You look nice..
But with a look
Empty tilt value.
in your my life
One day comes...
Her mother, my mother-in-law and
My mother will be your mother-in-law.

You can hate me, but don't fake love.

Without a little anger in love,
Love won't be sweet...
And without getting angry
You will not know the importance of this visit.

There shouldn't be anyone in my life but you.
I will lose myself in you
you must love me very much

every month of the year
every week of the month
every day of the week
every hour of the day
every minute of the hour
Every second of minutes
I miss you
all time

Marathi love status for husband

You're one in a million, but you're the only one for me.

Never fall in love with a person in life who,
may be beautiful for the world, but for such a person
What will make your world beautiful.

love doesn't want to die
Premat doesn't want to die of love,
in love, for a partner,
you want to live

life is ready for you
Do you withdraw when necessary?
I need you
Unrecognizable without saying it?

There are many reasons to die and live only "you".

Marathi love status for girlfriend

there must be someone
Smile from cheek to cheek...
full of tears,
So wipe your eyes...
there must be someone
We can say..
made a strange world
But we will.

It's hard to live without you
And it's even harder to tell you.

A person who often makes you laugh when you are with them.
The same person often makes you cry when you're not with them.

name me one Some memories, some people and the relationships that come with them can never be forgotten.

A memory is one thing, it cannot be held
And it cannot be traced back to the other person.

precious life,
I need your support
companion to the end
i want your hand
It doesn't matter how many have come and gone
Despite the problems
Faith is all you need.

Love Quotes in Marathi for Man and Woman

The person you love with all your heart
When you go, you make a home in your heart.
But when they leave, they close the doors of the same house.

I have no gold to give you
No diamond, it's just four words
I can not live without you!

Give someone else the rope of life
You will have plenty of time.
Give someone two moments of your life
Poetry is not just implied
try to love it

Never leave someone who sheds tears for you. Because these loving people only find the lucky ones.

Not all true lovers
There are many dropouts
Those who fool the mind with false love
But when the mind is full, identity is forgotten,
These people are known for being decent.

still alive,
'Cause you're my breath
Even if you're not mine
you are my first love

Doubt and anger in love are people who are afraid of losing you.

Don't be left alone by a small pine tree
You used to say love.
dream of the future
To live happily today means love.

I still don't understand one thing
"Problems" arise from love,

Everyone loves in this world.
Faith is worth more than love.

I know I'm not your first love but I'm sure I will be your last love.

Love is a beautiful dawn
A lifestyle that will never be lost.
sweet life dreams
A fun question with all the answers.

Love cannot be defined
He never finds love.

Lots of people laughing
are in our lives.
But before whom can one weep freely,
There is only one such person
And only He keeps us beyond life.

Experienced death while alive
So man must love
For in love and death there is no "I".

Marathi love status for wife

True love is like a broken star, there is no telling if and when it will appear.

You really don't know why
I can not live without you.

like thisHerzbuild that will never break
Create a smile that won't break the heart
Touch it so it doesn't hurt
Create a relationship that will never end.

I just want to see you smile, even if I'm not the reason.

Your smile and my betrayal
Both happened at the same time
Without knowing it, my heart fell in love with you.

One day my breath will stop
Don't think that my love will fade away.
The distance will be fair
today i miss you
You will remember me tomorrow.

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Marathi love status for whatsapp

Love is so strange that it can make a weak person strong and a strong person weak.

When I'm waiting for you
That doesn't mean that
I do not have work..
It means that,
None of my jobs are more important than yours.

Marathi love status for boyfriend

Someone will love you in the sunshine, true love is the one who takes care of you even in the storm.

I see you with my eyes when you meet
Farewell brings tears to my eyes
Why is this relationship so good?
That's what we call love.

I don't want anything, I just want your support.
I want you to come into my life
If you love me, it will be for the rest of your life
You need determination to execute them.

You will never get rid of your memories.
Even if the flowers you gave dry up, your fragrance will not fail.

Your memories keep me awake, your dreams keep me sleeping and being with you keeps me alive.

slowly start to trust yourself
coming towards you slowly
Herzto deliver to you
I am very afraid
But little by little, I began to take care of his heart.

Marathi love status for husband

Love Quotes For Girlfriend Marathi : Love Status For Girlfriend

The world is after you, my fire is for you
My sleep for you, my awakening for you
Life goes on, says Saad Desheel
The eyes are waiting for you to come.

leave the past behind
just live for me
My love will always come from the bottom of my heart.
Only for you!

I thought I was wrong, would you agree with me?
where am i lost

Even tears are forgotten in your beautiful memories.
These tears carry over when you return from the memories.
The days aren't enough to remember you
Can you enjoy my memories?

One day you will have oneYou will find someone whose past you don't care about because you want to live with that person in the future.

I'm so lost in your love
that I can't find myself
Supposedly looking alone
But nothing can be found without you.

i love everyone
But love this person more than anything
whose heart is for you
There will be more love than you.

the color of your love
Still blooming.
until the last moment
i am only yours

Marathi love status for girlfriend

Attraction is temporary, but love is a permanent attraction.

Every line of your poem
It means breath to life
Life is enough for me
A few moments of their blessed company.

Marathi Love Shayari SMS

Only then does love last
If both want
So to support it
Both fight and
Both understand.

Love is like WiFi. It's not visible, but if we lose it, we know its worth.

A rose brought to you
The red flower stayed in my hand
because someone gave
Gulab saw the red flower in his hand.

They say if love is true
he comes back to you
But I say if love is true
It never leaves us.

I can't express my love for you
Without its memories, the mind enjoys nothing.

be mad at you, be mad at you
I could never
my mind without you
He hasn't fallen in love with anyone else.

You will not fall in love a second time if your first love is true.
You may have held my hand for a while, but my heart was held forever.

Love message in Marathi text

If words could express pain
Tears wouldn't be necessary...all in words
if you could say
The feeling was priceless.

Marathi Love Quotes For Boyfriend: Marathi Status Love

Every day is perfect for me because it begins and ends with your loving memory.

Second girl in this world after you
Whom I will love deeply.
She will be your daughter.

Dear SMS Marathi

I don't want to say anything
It's not that I'm wrong
i am silent for you
'Cause I don't dare lose you

Marathi love status for wife

When you used to smile
It used to rain in my mind
When your innocent chatter
A slight smile appeared on his face.

Maratha status about love

My words to you when you're gone
Some like me fight
They die of you just like me.

Without you I am nothing, with you I am something and together we are everything.

since i saw you
I was soaked from his form.
live for yourself
But I forgot to live.

Maratha status about love

I would like
To be with you for the rest of my life.
hold your hand
Look them in the eyes.

Marathi love status

I've wanted to say something to you many times.
Much was not put into words.

Marathi love status for whatsapp

(Video) प्रेम - MARATHI Quotes - MARATHI STATUS - Whatsapp Status Video - LoveQuotes - Viral Couple 😘♥️

When I'm by your side, I'm happier.

GF has been seen by millions
Altfalantes Pillu, Shona, Janu.
But who calls their girlfriend "wife"?
He talks like one in a million.

Baixar Marathi Liebesstatus

I wanna see the star break
I don't want anything for myself
I just have to ask you something!
You never know someone is digging for you.
A butterfly to the do not disturb button
Go outside the garden.

Marathi Love Shayari SMS

True love doesn't have to speak, they only understand by the look in their eyes.

Marathi State DP

I have no hands that can touch the sky
I have no eyes that can store everything
But I'll keep your love
I definitely have a heart like that.

marathi shayari novo

I know that I love you because my reality with you is more beautiful than my dreams.

Marathi love status for boyfriend

Love Message in Marathi for Marido: Shayari Marathi SMS

I want someone who loves me with all his heart
I need someone who knows in my heart
I need someone to share my thoughts with.
Someone who cares as kindly as a flower is needed.

The water only shines in the sunlight and you are my "sun".

someone fights for you
It's not good to wait and see.
Even those who wait are not bound by time,
Every moment is definitely worth it.

"You" is the last thought I have before falling asleep and "You" is my first thought after waking up.

She must be calm, innocent
Who loves me no matter how angry I am
understand my pain
Though tears fall from your eyes
Let it be like a rushing river
The one that flows and flows and finally finds me.

I need you like a heartbeat.

you have a good one
you cry a little
everything or rest
leave it to me

Marathi love status for husband

Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.

Today your eyes want to cry
I want to bask in your memory
you loved me so much
That's what you want to see for the rest of your life.

You may have held my hand for a while, but my heart was held forever.

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प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (7)

Husband is like heaven
Be firm, firm, calm and unfathomable,
that the feminine is impermanent,
Attractive, tender and cheerful spirit moon
He will feel safe in your arms.

A husband remains a “husband” for life.
"Daughter of the bride", on the other hand, becomes "wife".

what are some love lines for my son in marathi

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (8)

on your birthday
The whole family is happy.
pray to the lord
May your life be thousands of years..!
dear baby

Dear child, you are like a princess to us.
I pray that your next year will be great and bright.
We are always with you.

List of Marathi People Who Love Marriage

प्रेम: True Love Quotes in Marathi Marathi Love Status (9)

Sakhee Gokhale - Suvrat Joshi
Rishi Saxena - Isha Keskar
Priya Bapat - Umesh Kamat
Mitali Mayekar - Siddharth Chandekar
Mayuri Wagh - Piyush Ranade
Urmila Kanitkar - Adinath Kothare

Pyaar vali short love story meaning in Marathi

Love Story is a Marathi film directed and written by Sanjay Jadhav, which was released in theaters on October 24, 2014 and starring Swwapnil Joshi and Sai Tamhankar

Best Marathi Love Status

It takes a moment to make someone smile
It takes a moment to make someone cry
But one look is enough to love
And it takes a lifetime to forget.

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