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Sublime Text 4 is the current version of Sublime Text. For a hemorrhagic extremity rash, seedevelopment build.

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Version:Building 4143

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  • Windows- also available asportable version
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Sublime Text is free to download and evaluate, but requires a licensewas purchasedContinuous use. There is currently no time limit for the assessment.

record change

Building 4143

November 11, 2022

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  • Fixed a performance regression in the 4142 color scheme with very complex selectors
  • Folded regions no longer include the last newline by default
  • Fixed selection jump when clicking fold marker

Building 4142

November 10, 2022

  • Added syntax based code wrapping
  • Miscellaneous syntax highlighting improvements
  • Recently rewritten Haskell syntax highlighting thanks todeath ax
  • Recent files list is now global rather than per-window
  • Files opened in Sublime Text are now added to the system's recent file list (see“update_system_recent_files”work)
  • Added commands to convert between common identifier cases (seeEdit > Convert Case)
  • Add to“hot_exit_projects”Settings to control the data stored in workspace files
  • Add to“minimap_horizo​​ntal_scrolling”work
  • Add to“open_tabs_after_current”Set to control where tabs open
  • Add to"Show typos"and"display_line_column"set up
  • Add to“goto_anything_exclude_gitignore”work
  • Add to“style_ruler”work
  • Toggle annotations with new handling for better handling of embedded languages
  • now available“sub_word_separators”work
  • Added support for Nordic encoding (Windows 865).
  • Reopening a file now prompts for confirmation when there are unsaved changes
  • Improved detection of filesystem symlinks
  • Improved performance when scanning folders opened in the sidebar
  • Improved regex performance for syntax highlighting
  • find: patterns taken from opened files are now escaped for regex searches
  • Find in Files: Improved binary file detection for find in files
  • Find in Files: Find in Files now supports project-related patterns starting with//
  • Find in archives: Added“find_in_files_max_file_size”work
  • Syntax Highlights: Environment tracebacks now link to their source in sublime syntax files
  • Syntax highlighting: fixed error caused by starting branch point at end of line
  • Syntax highlighting: fixed various syntax highlighting bugs related to backtracking
  • Performance: Improved performance on large folded regions
  • Performance: Fixed OpenGL issues related to activated wrong context
  • Rendering: Fixed OpenGL rendering bugs related to shadows
  • Rendering: Fixed Region Rendering Edge Wrapper
  • Rendering: Improved performance for files with large differences
  • Performance: Fixed various issues with sidebar labels fading
  • Performance: Fixed text annotations highlighting non-design when combined with other font styles
  • Sort lines no longer contain newlines in EOF when nothing is selected
  • Fixed losing very large unsaved files on exit. A message to save them now appears
  • Fixed external windows created on startup with hot exit disabled
  • Fixed a situation where multiple reload prompts could appear at once
  • Transfer operations are no longer interrupted when reloading files
  • Fixed a case where text in the command panel was not colored correctly
  • Fixed issue with sidebar button theme in default theme
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to enter a space after completing a snippet
  • Fixed incorrect default extension used in open file dialog
  • Fixed center view jumping when replacing entire content in some cases
  • Skip when collapsing when fixed scrolling
  • stablesidebar disclosureit doesn't work in some cases
  • Fixed scrollbar sometimes appearing when text wraps
  • Fixed cards not being added to the current selection in some cases
  • Add missing theme functionality to update dialogs
  • Linux: now honors system scrollbar override settings
  • Linux: Fixed various issues caused by locale C
  • Linux: Added protection against nested GTK main loops that could lead to data loss
  • Linux: Fixed dragging tabs in windows not working
  • Linux: Fixed startup crash for some desktop environments
  • Linux: Fixed not getting scroll bars in maximized windows when on the right edge of the screen
  • Windows: Adjusted for new Windows 11 window borders
  • Windows:Open the folder it containsand similar now respects the file explorer replacement
  • Windows: Fixed placement of GDI font flash glyphs
  • Mac: Fixed license removal due to network MAC address changes
  • Mac: Fixed cursor acting as resize handle in Ventura
  • Mac: recent files can now be accessed without opening a window
  • Mac: Fixed various issues with the Quick Switch Project dialog
  • Mac: Fixed an issue where dialogue could be triggered during a conversation
  • Mac: Fixed jumping to the beginning when opening an already open file
  • Mac: Added workaround for broken modal loop
  • Mac: Fixed the problem that the settings window could not be closed
  • Mac: Fixed open file dialog bug with some syntax
  • Mac: Fixed scrolling when pressing the command modifier key
  • Mac: Fixed windows/new tabs not working with custom themes
  • API: addRegulatorvariables in the console
  • API: oneNoThe command can now be used in keybindings to prevent the default behavior
  • API:"encode_position": truecan be passed toopen a filecommands with the same behaviorSublime.ENCODED_POSITION
  • API:view.context_backtraceCan be used to get stack traces from syntax highlighting
  • API:view.expand_to_scopenow it's backnobodyWhen the text point does not match the selector
  • API: addview.expand_to_scope
  • API: addwindow.promote_sheet
  • API: Fixed errors during executionhide panelorder fromEventListener.on_deactivated
  • API:toggle commentThe command can now receiveVariantsArguments for languages ​​with multiple annotation variants

Building 4126

December 21, 2021

(Video) Calum Scott, Leona Lewis - You Are The Reason (Duet Version)

  • Improved OpenGL rendering performance with automatic grouping of controls
  • Added support for national standard GB18030 file encoding
  • Added support for encoding CP862 files
  • Fixed various sidebar symlink tracking issues
  • Avoid corrupting session data if an error occurs while saving the session
  • child-nIf the application is not running, an existing empty window will be reused
  • Binary files are now shown in the status bar as "binary" syntax instead of "plain text"
  • Fixed wildcards not matching subpaths correctly (for setups like“folder_exclude_patterns”)
  • he did“find_in_files_max_result_size”Not applicable when replacing
  • Fixed a crash when loading an invalid grid layout from a session
  • Fixed an issue where the spell checker was incorrectly flagging certain uncodable words as correct
  • Fixed rendering order of order popups
  • Fixed package subfolders sometimes not loading when matched"ignore package"work
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar layout was unstable causing the content to occasionally render 1px
  • Added some missing glyphs“draw_unicode_white_space”: “all”
  • Add to“draw_unicode_bidi”Sets to draw unicode bidi characters
  • Add to“select_cross_groups”Set to participate in old sidebar selection behavior when selecting a single file
  • stable“close_windows_when_empty”the setting doesn't work
  • Fixed goto-definition preview not closing on exit
  • Fixed an issue with quickly closing tables when there were no matching entries
  • Syntax Highlights: Fixed backtracking breaks when ghosting or doing ambient backtracking
  • Syntax Highlights: Fixed regression in some syntax definitions introduced in 4115
  • Linux: add missinglibrary curlpackage manager dependencies
  • Linux: Fixed GTK bypassLC_NUMERICInterrupt serialization of environment variables
  • Windows: Fixed command line not having focus after closing expected file
  • Windows: Fixed bug when OpenGL initialization failed
  • Mac: Aliasing issues are now resolved when using drag and drop
  • Mac: Fixed windows were sometimes restored on startup“create_window_at_startup”Disabled
  • Mac: Fixed restoring native tabs causing strange behavior
  • Mac: fixedsub-bNot working
  • Mac: Fixed Terminal not focusing after waiting for a file
  • Mac: fixedWindows > Merge All WindowsMerge minimized windows
  • Mac: Fixed various inconsistencies when opening files from Finder
  • API:display panelCommands for find and find in files that can now receive panels"Good role model"and"Replace Mode"debate
  • API:ListInputHandler.Previewcall me nownobodywhen no elements match the current filter
  • API: fixed casewindow.project_data()May return invalid value
  • API: Opening a new window moves the currently selected worksheet
  • API: addWindow.move_sheets_to_group
  • API: commandsi'm going somewhereandmove to neighborMove selected sheets now

Building 4121

October 26, 2021

  • New update dialog showing version, license status and links to changelog
  • Miscellaneous syntax highlighting improvements
  • Use the goto notation to jump to a specific file in the search results
  • Improved color scheme/theme selection UI
  • Layout no longer remembers when"Hot Exit"Disabled. You can change it with"Remember the layout"
  • now respect right delete“use_tab_stops”work
  • Various improvements to the behavior of moving sheets during window layout changes
  • Improved performance of mini-diff and blank rendering in OpenGL
  • Improved performance when reading large files from stdin
  • Fixed regex replace not working on last look when using backtracking
  • stable“save_on_focus_lost”Reload dialog not working as expected
  • Fixed an issue where opened files were not being added to the recent files list"Hot Exit"Disabled
  • Fixed quote completion not respecting word limit
  • Fixed extra blank window opening on startup in some cases
  • Fixed wrong output after prompt"Hot Exit"Disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the window would close unexpectedly when the project had no other folders“close_windows_when_empty”it is activated
  • Fixed tab selection stack not updating as expected in some cases
  • Fixed transient left when exiting anything
  • Fixed squiggle underline width scaling incorrectly
  • Fixed line highlighting not working when gutter is disabled
  • Fixed cases where folders would be added to an existing window instead of opening in a new window
  • Fixed a performance regression with non-integer DPI scaling on Windows
  • Fixed syntax highlighting performance issues related to backtracking
  • Stack undo is now cleared when reading from stdin
  • Add toOptions > Expand Options to Blockits behavior andExtend selection to paragraphsUsed to have
  • “open_files_in_new_window”is now respected when reading from stdin
  • Add to“find_scroll_highlights_limit”,“find_highlight_matches_max_size”and“find_regex_highlight_matches_max_size”Settings that allow configuration of search restrictions
  • Added newline detection and normalization when changing settings programmatically
  • Sublime Merge menu item when hidden“sublime_merge_path”Has been setzero
  • Fixed sometimes wrong path being used when viewing file history in Sublime Merge
  • Fixed losing focus when closing a selected group while reducing the number of groups
  • File-specific indentation settings are now preserved across restarts
  • fixes some issues with“find_in_files_max_result_size”
  • Fixed input panel completion not using available window space
  • Fixed option expand to tag not working in XML
  • Fixed transient ammeter shutting off unexpectedly when using goto-anything
  • Fixed bugs related to syntax backtracking and ghosting
  • Fixed an issue where multiple new empty windows could not be opened
  • Linux: Select the middle button after pasting, according to other applications
  • Linux: Fixed race condition with multiple simultaneous calls to the command line
  • Linux: Fixed custom title bar label color for some GTK themes
  • Windows: Fixed possible loss of sessions during upgrade
  • Windows: Fixed alternate NTFS streams being dropped on save
  • Windows: Fixed slow window creation when using OpenGL
  • Windows: Fixed incorrect capitalization when opening files from "Find in Files" with gitignore enabled
  • Windows: Fixed stdout/stderr output data race during build
  • Windows: Fixed "Hang in Modal" dialog parameter when context menu is open
  • Mac: Adjust text drag and drop behavior to respect NSDragAndDropTextDelay
  • Mike: setting"use_find_clipboard"Can be used to disable global find clipboard embedding
  • Mac: Fixed an issue where double-tapping at the top of a window in fullscreen mode with a custom title bar did not work
  • Mac: Fixed incorrect reporting of successful keypress events when command not found
  • Mac: Fixed windows resetting correctly with multi-monitor setups
  • Mac: Fixed window layout issue with native tabs when exiting full screen
  • Mac: Fixed title bar text not fading when out of focus
  • Mac: Fixed reading stdin not working when no windows were open
  • API: Fixed sometimes misplaced plugin popups
  • API: Fixed plugin not loading when.python versionfile in the user package
  • API: addBuffer.clear_undo_stack()
  • API: Fixedshow. showandview.show_at_centerdoesn't workloadcall back

Building 4113

July 14, 2021

(Video) Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (Official Music Video)

  • Improve performance when working with large files
  • Improved OpenGL rendering performance
  • Improved handling of deleted files
  • Miscellaneous syntax highlighting improvements
  • italicscan now be used to edit standard input, e.g.echo test | under | how to
  • Syntax and indentation checking is now done when editing stdin
  • Add tosyntax_detection_size_limitSet checks when syntax checking is skipped
  • Theme: Improved Scroll Visibility
  • Themes: Fixed adaptive theme not respecting themed_title_bar setting light color scheme
  • Middle clicking on the open file section of the sidebar will close the clicked file
  • Preserve Case now works for unicode characters
  • Add toshow menuSet to disable menu display when alt is pressed on Linux and Windows
  • This can be done by creating a.Close safe mode shortcutin the data directory
  • Fixed Ruby syntax highlighting in Monokai color scheme
  • Fixed cases where folder changes were not being tracked
  • Fixed underline drawn behind line highlighting
  • Fixed an infinite loop that could occur during syntax highlighting
  • fixed add commandscroll to endSometimes parameters don't work
  • stablego to symbolsometimes it scrolls wrong
  • Fixed multiple file selection limitations applied to sidebar
  • Fixed autocompletion related to some large files
  • Linux: Fixed printing sometimes not working
  • Linux: Fixed wrong order of yes/no buttons in GTK dialogs
  • Linux: Fixed letters sometimes being truncated
  • Windows: always create a new window when starting the main executable in Windows
  • Windows: Fixed window icons not scaling correctly on Windows
  • Windows: Fixed particles not expanding on Windows in some cases
  • Mac: Fixed auto theme not switching automatically with the OS on macOS

4 (Building 4107)

May 20, 2021

see alsoAnnouncement post

(Video) Tina Turner - The Best (Official Music Video)

main traffic point

  • Multiple tab selection to view them side by side
  • Context-aware auto-completion to find similar code elsewhere in the current project
  • Symbol polite information display for completion and navigation
  • Themes can follow dark mode system preferences and title bars can be themed across platforms
  • Syntax highlighting now supports tracing and inheritance
  • Many syntax highlighting improvements and built-in support for TypeScript, JSX and TSX
  • GPU performance to improve performance. Enabled by default on macOS
  • ARM64 support for Linux and macOS (Apple Silicon)
  • Many plugin API additions, especially to better support plugins like LSP
  • Python 3.8 support for plugins

graphics performance

  • youngHardware AccelerationThis setting will compose the UI on the GPU
  • By default, GPU rendering is enabled on Mac and disabled on Windows and Linux
  • Details about the active GPU will be displayed in the console

Context-aware auto-completion

  • The autocomplete engine now suggests completions based on patterns in existing code
  • Use the entire project as source instead of the current view
  • Plugins can specify information about what kind of symbols will appear in the suggestion list

Multiple choice tab

  • Multiple tabs can be selected usingcontrol commands, their contents appear side by side
  • Selecting multiple files from the sidebar will also preview them simultaneously
  • The included theme has a tab connector that connects the active sheet and the tab when using multi-sheet selection
  • The sidebar can now select multiple files usingreplace
  • Goto Anything allows tabs to be opened side by sidecontrol commands
  • The Definition popup has a dedicated button for opening files side by side
  • Multiple tabs can also be selected from the Tabs drop-down menu
  • menuSelect/select tabContains various options for handling multi-select tabs
  • New view for files/documentshas been replacedfile/view splituse multiple choice

Python 3.8 API

  • Added Python 3.8 API for plugins
  • The plugin can select the Python version via.python versionFiles in the plugin folder
  • Existing plugins are fully supported through the legacy Python 3.3 API
  • Numerous API improvements and additions - see the API section for more details

go to symbol

  • Goto Symbol in Project is now significantly faster on large projects
  • Icons now appear next to symbols, indicating the type of symbol
  • Symbols with 3 or fewer characters are now indexed

syntax definition

  • Added native support for TypeScript, JSX and TSX - thanksthomas smith
  • Added the ability to "branch" in syntax definitions for non-deterministic or multilinear constructs
  • Numerous improvements highlight syntax, including major improvements to:
  • Significantly improved load times, match times and reduced disk cache size
  • insertIt is now lazy loaded, resulting in higher performance for syntax like markdown
  • Add tothe branchandfailfor non-deterministic analysis
  • Add toVersion: 2Fix edge cases while maintaining backwards compatibility
  • Add toextendInherit from another syntax definition. Multiple inheritance is supported, provided all parents have the same basic pension
  • Add tohide extension
  • with permissionboombesidepush/series/insert/the branch
  • Fixed a performance issue with limited iterations in regular expressions
  • Syntax tests now confirm that re-indentation works as expected
  • Syntax tests now confirm that symbols are indexed
  • Prevent infinite containment loops with with_prototype
  • Fixed some scope related bugs
  • Fixed some bugs related to getting regular expressions
  • Added more informationshow field namepop up

OS Compatibility

  • The following operating systems are no longer supported by the Python 3.8 plugin:
    • OS X 10.7
    • OS X 10.8
    • WindowsXP
    • Windows Vista

platform integration

  • Added automatic dark/light theme and color scheme switching based on OS theme changes
  • under -can now be used to read standard input on all platforms
  • Windows remembers your virtual desktops/spaces/workspaces byremember_workplacework
  • When you click scrollbars, they now follow platform conventions. Configurablescrollbar.sublime-mousemap
  • Mac: Releases use universal binaries with Apple Silicon support
  • Mac: Updated icon to follow macOS 11 style
  • Mac: Windows will now stay maximized when using Mac window tabs
  • Mac: Fixed various issues with incorrect cursors
  • Linux: ARM64 version now available
  • Linux: text drag and drop is now supported
  • Linux: Added proper support for Wayland
  • Linux: touchscreen events are now handled
  • Linux: Better support for copy-paste with other applications that don't support utf8 text
  • Linux: Native dialog files like KDE will be used when configuring
  • Windows: IME preview and multi-option support
  • Windows, Linux: Added support for custom title bars
  • Windows, Linux: use vsync instead of fixed 60hz for animations
  • Mac, Linux: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts

application behavior

  • Add tosecurity function, to simulate a fresh install. by activating--security functionon the command line or by holdingshift+alt/chooseOn Windows/macOS startup respectively
  • Add toHelp/Bug ReportConnect to public affairs monitoring service
  • option addedhot exitSetting to control the behavior when the last window is closed
  • Fixed possible case of update losing current session
  • Configurations containing UTF-8 BOMs will no longer fail to load
  • Added support for previewing TGA and PSD images
  • Add toclose delete fileSet to control session rollback behavior when a file has been deleted from disk
  • Popups now use virtual windows to improve performance
  • Improved performance when loading files with very long lines
  • Improved rendering performance for very long lines
  • Improved performance of large session files
  • The data directory "3" has been removed, but if the directory "3" still exists, it will be used
  • apple:Quickly switch projectsNow it works without open windows
  • Mac, Linux: Cache and index are now in the correct location (~/.cacheand~/Library/Hiddenrespectively)

automatic completion

  • Entering a full tab to activate an offer will move it to the top of the results
  • Manually entering the only available fill will hide the autocomplete popup
  • .High degree of completionfiles can now specifyComment,typeanddetail
  • Ranking Quality Improvement
  • Improved behavior of complements starting with non-word characters
  • auto_complete_trailing_symbolsnow disabled by default
  • cancel completewill no longer prevent manual calls to
  • Addedauto_complete_when_likelywork
  • Add toauto_complete_preserve_orderwork
  • Add toauto_complete_include_snippets_when_typingwork
  • Add toauto_complete_use_indexwork
  • Add toauto_complete_use_historySet to check if the previous option is automatically selected
  • run itautomatic completionCommands when autocompletion is already displayed will requery the results
  • autocomplete selectorNow applies to the position just before the character just entered, matchingautocomplete trigger

input processing

  • Modifier keystrokes can now be used as part of keybindings. For example,["control", "control"]when will it be activatedcontrol keywas pressed twice without any other key being pressed in between
  • Linux:OptionsNow available for keybindings viaaltgr
  • Linux: Added workaround for touchscreen driver bug that would cause right click and mouse scrolling to stop working
  • Linux: When menu is hidden, press alt key to bring up
  • Mac: fix pinyin input
  • Mac: Keyboard keys are now mapped as expected
  • Mac: Added keybindings for macOS application tabs
  • Windows, Linux: Hide mouse cursor while typing. inspection passedhide_pointer_while_typingwork
  • Windows, Linux: Fix unable to connectCtrl+Break

edit check

  • Add tofile/print, print via browser
  • Add toedit/copy as HTML
  • The build system now uses the new annotation feature instead of ghosting, reducing reflow
  • Undo history is kept in session
  • Preserve annotations and layout when editing preferences programmatically
  • Blinking boxes are disabled by default. seriescaret styleSet asSmoothfor past behavior
  • Improved automatic indentation detection
  • Relative line numbers are added byRelative number of rowswork
  • add settingsscroll context line
  • add settingshide_pointer_while_typing
  • add settingsControl Character Style
  • Add toProjects/Recent/Delete Delete
  • Add tochainCommand to execute multiple commands sequentially
  • switch fileThe command can now handle filenames with complex extensions
  • thisscroll past the endThe setting now supports adjusting the scroll distance using numbers from0,0arrive1.0
  • Double-clicking the tab of a semi-transient table will now fully open the table
  • trim_trailing_white_space_on_savecan now be set to“not_on_caret”
  • trim_trailing_white_space_on_saveNow only trim new spaces that are inserted by default. inspection passedtrim_only_modified_white_spacework
  • developedwhite spaceSetting, leading and trailing spaces support
  • Unicode whitespace characters, such as zero-width non-breaking spaces, are now drawn as hexadecimal values. inspection passeddraw_unicode_white_spacework
  • Fixed spell checking to support languages ​​with uppercase characters after the beginning of a word
  • Add commands to simplify customizing active themes or color schemes
  • Quickly switch projectswill open the selected item in a new window, ifcontrol key(Orderon Mac) is held down
  • Add towrap_width_stylepreference
  • Add toconsole_max_history_lines
  • Added additional settings to control the status bar:Show sidebar button,show indentationandshow syntax
  • The console now uses Python syntax highlighting by default
  • Add toCentral Europe (Mac)encoding support
  • Key bindings:join lineis now up and runningCtrl+Shift+J/Cmd+Shift+J
  • Key bindings:expand indent selectionno longer bound by default
  • Key bindings:Ctrl+J/Command+JNow used as a prefix for sequential keybindings, something likeCtrl+K/Command+K
  • Code Folding: Fixed some incorrect edge behavior
  • Linux: Added support for alternate font weight names
  • Linux: Selection is no longer cleared when another application makes a selection
  • Linux: addCtrl+spaceenable autocomplete
  • Linux, Windows: addAlt+Shift+left mouse buttonBinding as an alternative to column selection
  • Linux, Windows: Added Shift+F10 keybinding to open context menu

text command

  • Macros now record find commands
  • it was rebuiltjump backandjump forwardOrder
  • improved behaviorparagraph break
  • improved behaviorcircuit switching
  • Add torestore diff block
  • Add toselect/extend selectas a general mechanism for widening selection
  • select/split into rowsSelection is now split into words if it does not contain newlines
  • Display the sum in the status bar when there are multiple options and they are all numbers
  • set file typeThe command now accepts syntax names prefixed with "scope:".
  • stablesort lineReplace unicode newlines with regular newlines


  • Add toauto_complete_include_snippetssettings, disable autocomplete
  • Add toignored fragmentset, disable the default fragment

index (go to definition)

  • ignored files.gitignoreBy default they are not indexed. inspection passedindex_exclude_gitignorework
  • Files without known extensions are no longer indexed by default. inspection passedindex_skip_unknown_extensionswork
  • Improved behavior for constantly changing files
  • Significantly improved load times

files and folders

  • File saving is now asynchronous
  • Improved performance when adding directories with a large number of files
  • whensave_on_focus_lostEnabled, closing an unsaved file will save and close it instead of asking to save
  • improved behaviorsave_on_focus_lostCombine files owned by administrators
  • Add toreload_file_on_changeSetting to control whether files are automatically reloaded
  • folder exclusion patternandfolder_include_patternsProject-relative paths are now supported via start paths//
  • Folders in the sidebar can be expanded recursively via alt + arrow keys
  • Add toclick to previewSet to only support left-click file previews
  • windows: fixedOpen the folder it containsFor UNC paths
  • Windows: Fixed save dialog not appearing in new files with control characters on the first line
  • windows: fixedCtrl+Backspaceintroduce afromcharacter when opening a dialog in the background
  • Linux: Fix recreated directories not working properly with file change tracking
  • Linux: Sidebar folders can now be expanded and collapsed recursivelyreplacethisexcellent

a discovery

  • Find results are highlighted in the scroll bar, indicated by thehighlight_find_results_in_scrollbar
  • Find in Selection now highlights the area to search
  • Commands can now be executed without input focus
  • Fix keyboard not working in find panel
  • Improved lookup history behavior
  • Find: Various performance improvements for large files using graceful degradation
  • Lookup: Fixed skipping adjacent matches when using lookup in selection
  • Find: Fixed Find option in Options not being cleared when switching tabs
  • Find: will no longer reset after selectionfind allUse when looking up in selection
  • Lookup: Results are now properly taggedfind allno wayclose_find_after_find_allDisabled
  • Find in Files: Improved performance for large numbers of matches
  • Find in Archives: now filterable.gitignore
  • Find in Archives: Added suitcase option for replacement
  • Find in Files: Fix non-duplicate issues in network file system directories
  • Find in Files: hide rulers by default in find results
  • Find in Archives: Addedfind/unfind in filesMenu Item
  • find in files: apply binary file mode when an explicit folder is given
  • Find in Files: Using "Find in Folder..." from the sidebar context menu will apply the project file filter
  • Find in Archives: Addedclose_find_after_find_allpreference
  • Find in Archives: Addedclose_find_after_replace_allpreference

User Interface

  • Change the default color scheme toMariana
  • Added default dark theme
  • Add tosubject title barwork
  • Change file tab style, pluginfile label stylework
  • Goto symbol displays more information about the symbol
  • The definition popup shows more information about the symbol
  • Sheets without input focus are now dimmed when using the included theme
  • Added a new tab button to the tab bar, andhide new tab buttonwork
  • Add toshow_tab_close_buttons_on_leftwork
  • Add tohighlight_gutterandhighlight_line_numberset up
  • Added the ability to automatically hide menus, tabs, and the status bar while typing. I understandauto hide menuand related arrangements
  • The window title bar can be controlled byshow relative pathsandshow_project_firstset up
  • Tab context menu now includesclose unmodified filesandclose deleted filesentry
  • Sidebar highlighting now correctly reflects the selected tab
  • Color Scheme: Addedshinefont selection
  • Color scheme: Added pairemphasizefont style
  • Color Scheme: Added new property,inactive_selection_border
  • Color scheme: Mariana has a slightly darker background
  • Color schemes: added support for stippled_underline and squiggly_underline
  • coloring scheme:.hidden-tm themefile now supports.great color schemeconverter
  • Themes: The included themes make extensive use of variables to make customization simpler
  • Subject: Addedstylepropertytitleelements for better integration with operating system "dark functions"
  • theme:row treeAttributes are now fetched for files with input focusbe emphasized
  • theme:set upKey now supports objects where the key is a setting and the value is a boolean, string or array of strings
  • Subject: Addedworksheet contentClasses in Text, Image, and HTML Worksheets
  • Subject: Addedbackground modifierpropertyworksheet content
  • Theme: Added many new featurestab_controlFor richer tab themes
  • theme:be emphasizedThis property applies only to the most recently active sheet, not the most recently active sheet in each group
  • Subject:tab_controlandworksheet contentThese classes now synchronize theirbe emphasizedandto wanderAttributes
  • Subject:tooltipControls now support opacity animation
  • Linux: Show sequential keybindings in menus
  • Linux: Fixed context menu position moving slightly

Spell Check

  • updated dictionary
  • Added support for non-utf8 dictionaries
  • Updated Hunspell to improve suggestions
  • System dictionaries now available on Linux
  • dictionary in~/Library/SpellingNow available on Mac


  • Properly request glyph ranges to avoid clipping large glyphs
  • Windows, Linux: Added support for per-screen subpixel ordering
  • Mac: Improved window resizing performance
  • Windows: Fixed a performance bug where other applications could cause persistent artifacts through window animations
  • Windows: Add support for colored emoji


  • Improved plugin config file coverage
  • The cProfile module is now included in Linux
  • Added HTML tables, which can be created bywindow.new_html_sheet()
  • representnow it works as expected
  • Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1j
  • .advancedDocumentation now supports filtering commands by the "platform" key.
  • Minihtml can now handle itType Style ListCSS properties -cycle,squareandCD
  • Minihtml is processingunder:links, execute them as commands
  • Minihtml now supportsspace: nowrap
  • Improved minihtml rendering performance
  • event listenerIt has many new features and bug fixes
    • on_query_completions()can now
      • Return suggestions asynchronously
      • return command complete
      • Include information about the symbol type
    • young:on_init()Called once when the list of views is opened before the plugin is loaded
    • young:on_exit()was called beforeplugin hostExit after API terminates
    • young:on_text_changed()andon_text_changed_async()Provide detailed modification information
    • new method:
      • on_reload()
      • on_revert()
      • on_new_window()
      • on_new_window_async()
      • on_pre_close_window()
      • on_pre_move()
      • on_post_move()
      • on_post_move_async()
      • on_new_project()
      • on_new_project_async()
      • on_load_project()
      • on_load_project_async()
      • on_pre_save_project()
      • on_post_save_project()
      • on_post_save_project_async()
      • on_pre_close_project()
      • on_associate_buffer()
    • stableon_selection_modified()so you don't get called twice when you left click
    • stableon_selection_modified()They start being called when the non-selection state changes
  • youngtext change listenerReceive a callback when the text buffer changes
    • It can be dynamically linked to aStabilizeruseTextChangeListener.attachandTextChangeListener.goes
    • method:
      • on_text_changed()
      • on_text_changed_async()
      • on_revert()
      • on_revert_async()
      • on_reload()
      • on_reload_async()
  • bed sheetThere are some new methods:
    • file name()
    • club()
    • closure()
    • is_semi_transient()
    • Leaf.is_transient
  • viewwith many changes and improvements
    • Fixed newly created views not having a valid viewport until returned to the API
    • add_region()now he has aCommentparameter to allow per-region annotations to be added to the buffer. thismanagerThe command uses this API to resolve build errors
    • add_region()Calls that add underscores now include underscores in whitespace characters
    • projection()now he takeskeep leftandanimationparameter
    • text point()and related functions now acceptcolumn_clampscope
    • Add to"shine"arrivestyle_for_scope()
    • Add toSee .rowcol_utf8(),See .rowcol_utf16(),See .text_point_utf8()andSee .text_point_utf16()
    • Add toSublime.KEEP_ON_SELECTION_MODIFIED, which can be passed toshow_popup()
    • young:element()Returns a string describing the widget's view (lookup entry, quicktable entry, etc.)
    • young:assign_syntax()defines the syntax used in views, which supportspensionObject, path and range selectors
    • young:pension()return the current collectionpension
    • young:clone ()
    • young:bed sheet()andsheet_id()
    • young:export_to_html()
  • windowThere are some changes and improvements:
    • Show quick panelPlaceholder text is now accepted, viaseat reservationdisagreement
    • Add to高。CLEAR_TO_RIGHTandHigh. Intermediateforopen a file()
    • Added logohigh.REPLACE_MRUforopen a file().When multiple sheets are selected, this flag will cause the opened file to replace the most recently used sheet with the file being opened
    • Added logo高.WANT_EVENTforshow_quick_panel().This will pass the event command to the on_select callback. This dictionary will contain the key modifier_keys, which will be a dictionary containing zero or more keys: primary, ctrl, super, alt, altgr
    • open a fileaccept nowhigh.ADD_TO_SELECTIONas a banner
    • young:Selected_sheets(),Selected_sheets_in_group()andselectTable()
    • young:job filename()
    • young:bring to front()
  • sublime.ok_cancel_dialog()andsublime.yes_no_cancel_dialog()now accepts an optionaltitlescope
  • Add tosublime.open_dialog,sublime.save_dialogandsublime.select_folder_dialog
  • can be defined by the search syntaxsublime.list_syntaxes(),sublime.find_syntax(),sublime.syntax_from_path(),sublime.find_syntax_by_name(),sublime.find_syntax_by_scope(), andsublime.find_syntax_for_file().they are backpensionobject
  • Improvesystem standard outputextendio.TextIOBase
  • sublime.executable_path(),sublime.packages_path(),sublime.installed_pa​​ckages_path()andsublime.cache_path()can now be called on import
  • Add tohigh.SymbolRegionandhigh.SymbolLocationwith the corresponding methodviewandwindow
  • Fixed a bug where a popup would stay open when it appeared inside another popup's hide event handler
  • Add toopen_project_or_workspaceauthorized
  • Attach an attachmentcommand has new, optionaldisable_tab_translationdisagreement
  • Add tomodifier keyIn the event command when the command is invoked through the menu
  • Add to高.DYNAMIC_COMPLETIONS.on_query_completions()This flag may be returned to indicate that completion results should be requeried as the user types
  • Add toSublime.INHIBIT_REORDER.return fromon_query_competions()
  • fill itemaccept one nowdetailparameter, which can contain basic HTML
  • command input handlernow he has ainitialselect()method
  • Add toRegion.to_tupleandPhantom.to_tuple
  • stableViewEventListener.on_load_async()sometimes they don't bark
  • Add tosublime.QuickPanelItem()Supports polite messages, comments and basic minihtml
  • Plugins can now add optionsjump backhistory list viaAdd jump recordauthorized
  • Add-ons may hide optionsjump backhistory list viaSkip ignore selectionarea
  • Plugins can now disable default HTML and CSS completion
  • Add
  • thistext input handlerandlist input handlerA class can define a methodwant event()returnrealTakes an extra parameter, an event command, whenconfirm()andconfirm()called method. This dictionary will contain the key modifier_keys, which will be a dictionary containing zero or more keys: primary, ctrl, super, alt, altgr
  • Add tosublime.ui_info()Advanced information about the user interface
  • Popups are positioned correctly when they appear near the right side of the editor
  • Popups near the right side of the editor with line breaks are now correctly sized
  • Add tolist entryso thatlist input handlerSubject can provide polite information, comments, and details
  • API improvements, only for the new Python 3.8 environment:
    • boolean(sublime.Selection())will returnIncorrectno waylength() == 0
    • sublime.load_binary_resource()now it's backbyteinsteadbyte array
    • Add tooptions.__iter__()
    • Add toarea.__iter__()
    • Add toarea.__contains__()
    • Add toset.to_dict()
    • set upcan now be seen asdictation
    • plugin to_will be ignored__all__will be universally respected
    • Incident will not be reported untilplugin_loaded()is called
    • .pycFiles contained within can now be imported.high-packfiles, although they will not be scanned by the plugin
  • thisCertificatePython packages are pre-installed
  • Dramatically improved performance when quickly printing to the console
  • Add tosublime.log_control_tree().When enabled, clicking ctrl+alt will record the control tree under the mouse to the console
  • Add toSublime.log_fps().When enabled, performance time will be tracked and recorded
  • Added logging status feature:
    • sublime.get_log_commands()
    • sublimation.get_log_input()
    • sublime.get_log_build_systems()
    • sublime.get_log_result_regex()
    • sublime.get_log_indexing()
    • sublime.get_log_fps()
    • sublime.get_log_control_tree()
  • The logging function now toggles when no arguments are passed:
    • sublime.log_commands()
    • Sublime.log_input()
    • sublime.log_build_systems()
    • sublime.log_result_regex()
    • sublime.log_indexing()
    • Sublime.log_fps()
    • sublime.log_control_tree()
  • Backwards Compatibility Break: Event argument passed to command when minihtml link is clicked changed from two-item list to command with x and y keys


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