DFS Rams orientation vs.49ers: Should we invest in Christian McCafrey, Jeff Wilson Jr. and Darrell Henderson Jr.? (2023)

If you play oneLos Angeles Ramsvs.San Francisco 49ersThe DFS list for Sunday at week 8, then came to the right place.

The following recommendedFantasy SoccerAlignment (for tournaments, 50/50 or head to head competitions) aims to include a relatively high floor and at the same time maximize the ascending trend.

Rams considerations

Some machines are scheduled for learning.All NFL trainers are paid for learning.

During youGoodbye weekThe Rams observed how Kansas City canceled the defense of the 49, which was one of the most scary of the League.A week earlier, Atlanta San Francisco surprised a loss at home and collected 28 points.

In this game in Atlanta, the Falcons did not choose a long field door in the last quarter.Hätte Younghoe Koo could have had the opportunity to have raised the team from his to 31 points, most of the 2020 season.

This context is the key.Atlanta should not have done himself against a defense that had only yielded 12.6 points per game.The chief coach of Curse Andy Reid and his employees in the following week were taken away from this discomfort and used against the niners.

DFS Rams orientation vs.49ers: Should we invest in Christian McCafrey, Jeff Wilson Jr. and Darrell Henderson Jr.? (1)
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As bad as the RAM's offensive is so bad this year, they do not underestimate the probability that they have examined how they can break the defense of the 49. This does not mean that they are more successful than in their last encounter massive.Points, but it means that we must expect changes.

For Atlanta, Mariota only launched 14 passports and chose her places and made the career game dismantle her opponent.Kansas City followed the opposite approach and hit the nicers through the air.Beidadas strategies proved to be successful.

The problem with the previous Rams was the unpredictable launch of Matthew Stafford (what for eight interceptions) and sometimes unusually bad decisions in the pocket.For example, he was only released in three victories three times, compared to 19 times in case of three losses.

If we apply this to our DFS list, we can imagine that the RAMS are desperately trying to establish the race.If they are successful against the defense of Elite Run in San Francisco?Probably not.Probably a fading, but if your strategy works and Stafford can make better releases after a long break, we should see a more effective pass attack.

49ers considerations

Although the 49 have lost two games, they have the staff to achieve more than 30 points in Los Angeles, but the Rams were quite good for the pass and showed less than 200 air yards per game.

Niners are a fascinating team that you can bet on DFS.

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This means that this board should verify if there is a seventh option, a cheap potential negotiation with which the remaining dollar amounts work.49er in this table bonus in the air game.

FURTHER:Piques and predictions of the NFL week 8, including Lock and Pret of the Week

The most polarizing (for the best reasons), which must be taken into account here, is Christian McCaffrey.This 3-4 franchise that will help it exaggerate.If you turn early, I think McCaffrey could become even more productive and possibly more received as 8+ receptions.

Then what could go wrong?Well, the Rams have renounced very RB fantasy points per game (13,6).The next best unit is the cowboys (17.3).We invest 15% or even 20% of our DFS capital in McCaffrey -the less a 1B deleted role.

The list of the best DFS for Rams vs.49ers

Today we playDraftReyes"Captain Captain Mode", which includes a player who deserves their score and five flexible players 1.5 times.

The nextNfl-leyesRecommendations are based on PFN -owned analyzes -Paracasis that come from decades of NFL historical data.With these data I have created dozens of models that show consequences with better and poor results.

Captain: RB Christian McCaffrey, 49ers ($ 16,500)

For a few hundred dollars more, we could make Cooper Kupp a captain.But I can't do this work below the salary limit.McCafrey has a similar roof of more than 20 points, assuming more than 6 receptions and at least one goal line appearance.Although it is difficult to say that KUPP is the best today, McCaffrey is the best bet.

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Flex: WR Cooper Kupp, Rams (11.400 USD)

And here it is: man, myth, the Aries or the "Mr. Ram", as can be known one day.Of course, we have to include KUPP in this DFS list.

When these two teams gathered in week 4, Stafford Kupp cultivated 19 destinations that have received most of the destinations 8 of 2020 for the week, such as Kupp 20. (I love to analyze the statistics that close).

In general, the 49 kept it and limited it to only 6.4 meters per look.(For KUPP) 13-18 DFS points culminated.

Flex: Te George Kittle, 49ers (8.000 US -Dollar)

When I owe Samuel and Jauan Jennings marry, we can see much more from George Kittle.He has developed a great chemistry with Jimmy Garoppolo, which is good enough for me.

Ah, but wait.Many of them point out that he delivered some fantasy points average in the league.Of course, they know how to detain Kittle., Since this is an example of how deceptive statistics can create misleading stories.

  • Week 1:Dawson Knox-1-5-0 Reception line
  • Week 2:Kyle Pitts-2-19-0
  • Week 3:Zach Ertz-6-45-0
  • Week 4:George Kittle-2-24-0
  • Week 5:Dalton Schultz-0-0-0
  • Week 6:Ian Thomas-22-0
  • Week 7:Bye

We can use the majority or all these results.Knox didn't need much for a burst victory.For Pitts, Falcons air attack is one of the five most effective.The groin injury is missing.Schultz was much less than 100% healthy in several games, including week 5. Thomas achieved an average of 2-11-0 per competition.

In fact, Thomas and Ertz did better than their average season, while Pitts fulfilled its season average of just under 3-30 with a touchdown in the season.

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Many experienced beds avoid Kittle against narrow ends due to the impressive RAMS performance.But if we have time, it is always useful to evaluate the context.

Flex: WR Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers (7.800 US -Dollar)

There is not much to say about Aiyuk.He has fulfilled his potential and more this year.There are no signs that it becomes slower.

Flex: Wr Ben SkowRonek, Rams ($ 4,800)

If I could pay Tyler Higbee in this line, I would probably prefer the start of Startford (more about that shortly).Skowronek is an adequate reduction, which still brings more than 10 potential points after 10+ of its last four excursions.

In view of the reports that Jefferson (US $ 3,400) will return on Sunday, I would seek the exchange of skowronek with Jefferson if it is called a holder without publicly specified restrictions (for example, SNAP numbers).

Flex: RB Malcolm Brown, Rams (1.400 USD)

I do not trust that the recreational -Henderson process a complete workload in a brutal confrontation.Malcolm Brown serves as no.

There is a contingency that would replace the skowronek vs.Jefferson Dilary.WR.


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