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  • (n.) The posture, action, or disposition of a figure or statue.
  • (n.) The posture or position of a person or animal, or the way in which its body parts are arranged; position assumed or studied to serve a purpose; thus, a threatening attitude; a pleading attitude.
  • (n.) Fig.: Position that indicates action, feeling or state of mind; how, in difficult times, a nation can stand firm; one's mental attitude toward religion.

Example sentences:

  • (1) It involves creativity, an understanding of the art form, and the ability to improvise in the highly complex environment of a care setting.” David Cameron has raised awareness of dementia, but much remains to be done. See More Information. She cautions: “Effecting a cultural shift in dementia care requires a shift in thinking… this approach is complex and intricate, and can change cultural attitudes to consider the arts as the center of daily life in the nursing home.” Another participant, Mary*, a former teacher who had been bedridden for a year, read plays with the reminiscence arts practitioner.
  • (2) The high percentage of participation also shows that the selection prerequisite, namely a positive attitude on the part of the population, was also met in this project.
  • (3) This article presents the results of a survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding AIDS among currently married men in Zimbabwe, conducted between April and June 1988.
  • (4) The sexual attitudes and beliefs of 20 children who attended their siblings' labor and delivery and observed the birth process are compared with 20 children who did not attend the birth.
  • (5) This investigation examined the extent to which the attitudes of physicians who participated in a one-year general practitioner training program changed in directions anticipated by the training.
  • (6) Second, the nurse must be aware of the wide range of feelings and attitudes about specific sexual issues that have been problematic in our society.
  • (7) The toluene group showed more approval in their attitudes towards the use of other drugs.
  • (8) Another, discussing public attitudes towards the police, said: "I lost count [of] people who said, 'It's only because you're in uniform... if you weren't in uniform'." , I would come and fuck you and this, that and the other... I hope your wife dies of cancer and your kids die of cancer.'"
  • (9) In doing so, they often rely on the support of their parents, who also assume an ambivalent attitude towards therapy.
  • (10) Currently, a critical attitude towards the use of silicone breast implants is recommended when used for purely aesthetic purposes.
  • (11) The attitude towards drug testing was negative in 79% of the staff, in contrast to 71% positive in three Swedish psychiatric hospitals.
  • (12) Likewise, while those in the city continue to adopt a Millwall FC style "nobody likes us, we don't care" attitude, there is no incentive for them to follow the advice and demands of the public, which those in the Square Mile prefer dismiss them as intemperate ignoramuses.
  • (13) During the 20th century, complex medical and social changes resulted in changes in attitudes and experiences with death.
  • (14) None of the sexual behaviors of male students was strongly related to parental sexual attitudes.
  • (15) Black men with low intention to use condoms reported significantly more negative attitudes about condom use (e.g., using condoms is gross) and reacted with more intense anger when asked about their partner's previous sexual contact, when a couple refused to have sex without a condom, or when they perceived that the condom interfered with foreplay and sexual pleasure.
  • (16) In addition, relatives in the activation group showed a more positive attitude towards care than those in the comparison group.
  • (17) It was possible to arrive at this very clear result, although in Switzerland, as well as in other European countries, there is a strong aversion to animal experiments and a critical attitude towards biological research.
  • (18) This demonstrates considerable variation in surgeons' attitudes towards ambulatory surgery, despite its formal endorsement by professional bodies, and identifies what are perceived as clinical and organizational barriers to its wider introduction.
  • (19) The attitudes and practices of 96 physicians towards victims of spousal abuse in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia, were investigated using questionnaires distributed to general practitioners.
  • (20) There can't be something, someone who can fix this and choose not to." Years of agnosticism and an open attitude towards religious beliefs thrown under the bus, acknowledging the shame of sitting with those the world has forgotten.



  • (n.) A quality or state of mind.

Example sentences:

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  • (1) Low birth weight, short stature and mental retardation were common features in all four known r(8) patients.
  • (2) Ignores the reduction in the wider, non-NHS related cost of adult mental illness, such as benefit payments and tax exemption, estimated by the LSE report to be £28 billion a year.
  • (3) The cyclical nature of the arsonist has parallels in cycles of reform in patterns of civil engagement (Livermore, Malmquist & Meehl, 1958; Dershowitz, 1974), in the use of physical therapies and drugs (Tourney, 1967; Mora, 1974), in the treatment of chronic mental patients (Deutsch, 1949; Morrissey & Goldman, 1984), and in institutional practices (Treffert, 1967; Morrissey, Goldman & Klerman (1980).
  • (4) Rather than subsequent renal failure and, of course, mental retardation, it was the histology of the fetal eyes that allowed both congenital cataract and iridocorneal angle dysgenesis to be diagnosed and displayed.
  • (5) What constitutes a "mental disorder" for purposes of the insanity defense?
  • (6) Physicians diagnosed and treated several patients with mental symptoms that were not identified by the DIS.
  • (7) This article describes the demographic, clinical, and psychosocial characteristics of a sample of patients with chronic mental illness at a large community comprehensive mental health center.
  • (8) Existing mental health and criminal justice systems provide social control for some of these dangerous individuals, but may be inadequate to deal with criminals with mental disorders who have not been found not guilty by reason of insanity (NGI).
  • (9) This new way of thinking is reflected in the AAMR's 1992 definition of mental retardation (Luckasson et al., 1992).
  • (10) Changing conditions require each Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) to develop a coping strategy based on its own standards and values.
  • (11) Greater knowledge about these disorders and a closer working relationship with mental health specialists should lead to a decrease in morbidity and mortality.
  • (12) A 4-year prospective study was conducted on 53 patients with chronic mental illnesses residing in a separate complementary residential complex.
  • (13) Government officials as well as medical scientists in Taiwan have worked hard in recent years to develop and implement various measures, such as prenatal diagnosis and newborn screening, to reduce the incidence of hereditary diseases and mental retardation in the population.
  • (14) The author describes the utilization review process, utilization patterns, and service cost for the Greater New York Health Insurance Plan (HIP) Mental Health Service.
  • (15) Several clinicians used the Global Rating Scale to assess 108 outpatients with chronic mental illnesses over an 18-month period.
  • (16) To map the mental state at the beginning of the puerperium, the authors applied the Lüscher color test to a group of 100 women during five days after childbirth.
  • (17) In an exceptionally rare twist, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, a governor-appointed panel that is almost always hardline on executions, recommended that his death sentence be commuted to life in prison because of his mental training
  • (18) The attitude towards drug testing was negative in 79% of the staff, in contrast to 71% positive in three Swedish psychiatric hospitals.
  • (19) Caring for black and minority ethnic communities is considered a "major mental health failure".
  • (20) What we see of opposites and we see in this chamber every day is the 'born to rule mind' of opposites.

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